The Lightbringer – Controls Guide

The Lightbringer is a poetic adventure/puzzle platformer with light combat elements. Take control of The Lightbringer, a demi-god who has taken it upon himself to cleanse the world of its corruption. Players traverse through a beautiful and diverse world, solving puzzles and fighting their way through enemies in search of their sister’s spirit.

In this guide, you’ll find all the Controls to play The Lightbringer.

ForwardDPress D to Move Forward
BackwardAPress A to Move Backward
UpWPress W to Move Up
DownSPress S to Move Down
JumpSpacebarPress Spacebar to Jump
AttackLeft Mouse ButtonPress Left Mouse Button to Attack
AimRight CtrlPress Right Ctrl to Aim
RunLeft ShiftPress Left Shift to Run
DashCtrl + Left CtrlPress Ctrl + Left Ctrl to Dash
ThrowEPress E to Throw
LookMouse HorizontalPress Mouse Horizontal to Look
Camera RecenterMouse Button 3Press Mouse Button 3 to Recenter Camera
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