The Soul Reaver Event Guide – AFK Arena

It is the brief guide for the new event in AFK Arena called The Soul Reaver

First, let’s check out Azmonaths skills. 

The damage of Bolts increases as his health falls, and another bolt is added each time he loses 20 percent health.

This one targets the hero who has used its ultimate ability, and -20 percent health every second is painful. So you don’t have to use the ultimate until you are sure that you can burst them into pieces. 

The heroes die instantly when their health falls under 30 percent.

And the damage that Azmonaths receives will be decreased by 25 percent. 

Let’s try this composition. 

The key is to hold your ultimate until you are sure that you can burst him to death. 

Heroes that have high normal attack damage are useful in this event.

If you use your ultimate early in the event, your heroes will die quickly. 

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