Tips And Tricks – WWE Champions

In this guide, you will come to know how to complete the daily mission in ten minutes in WWE Champions. Follow the steps in this guide and complete all your missions in ten minutes. 

First, you will need to check the daily mission in the game, and when you complete the daily mission, you have to refresh it and complete it again tomorrow. Make sure that you have to read the missions very carefully and then complete them.   

If you don’t understand the missions, you can also click on the go button, which will take you to the map where you can easily complete the mission and get a reward.

To complete the first mission, “The Road”, tap on the go button and select the map you want to play to complete this mission. You have to pick your strongest superstar wrestler for the mission.

After completing the mission, you will need to go to the home screen, click on the Daily Mission section, and see that your first mission is completed.

Claim the reward, and you will also get the bonus bag. 

When you click on the go button of the second mission, it will jump you to the player mode, where you have to claim the reward on the right side of the screen. You will get a bag as a reward every six hours, as shown in the image below.  

When you claim your reward, your second mission will also be completed, then you have to go back to the daily missions section and claim the reward.

The third mission is to upgrade the superstar, and it is very important in daily missions. As you know, you cannot upgrade the superstar daily; you have to pick any low-level superstar and upgrade his single level. It will complete the mission.

After that, you will need to go back to your daily missions and claim your reward after completing this mission. 

After completing all the daily missions, you will get a chance to open a rare loot in the game. You have to go into the loot section and open the loot, and there is a chance that you may get a new superstar and complete the mission. Now, you have to go back to daily missions and complete the remaining missions the same way by pressing the go button. Complete the daily mission section, and it will take only ten minutes.  

If your superstar is powerful between 7000 to 8000, you can complete all the missions in just nine to ten minutes. 

If you haven’t collected the previous rewards, you have to go to the League section, tap on that button you have already completed, and then get the rewards.

If you cannot collect the previous rewards from the league, you will need to go to the loot section. Navigate to the Rewards tab and collect the previous rewards from there.  

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