Top 10 Vehicle Tricks in Free Fire

In this guide, you will find out the top 10 vehicle tricks in Free Fire that will help you survive. You can also kill the enemy very easily using these ten tricks.

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    You will need to get the monster truck and go to the double-door house for the first trick. Place the truck inside the house so that you will have a full view of the top floor. You can easily spot the enemy from there and attack them, as shown in the image below.  

    Lamborghini Car

    Get the Lamborghini car and go to reamnaam where you find a lot of small huts, so what you need to do is place the car under the hut, and then you can easily hide as well. You can also find the location of the enemies inside the hut.

    Water Vehicle 

    You have to get the water vehicle and head towards the Hanger on the map, and you will spot a medium-sized bush outside the building. You have to park the vehicle at the side of the bush, leave the car and sit inside the bush so that no one will spot you, and you can kill the enemy very easily, as shown in the image below.   

    Jeep in Vending Machine 

    You have to drive the jeep to the Hanger, where you find an empty gaming court, and you will spot a vending machine in the corner. You have to enter the court and place the car on the other end in front of the vending machine.

    After that, tell your teammate to sit right in front of that machine, and then you have to push the car very slowly to your teammate. You will find that your teammate will be inside the vending machine through which he can easily spot the enemies without being noticed. 

    Jeep in House  

    You have to take the jeep towards the backside of the Hanger, and you will see a lot of containers there. You have to drive the jeep inside the container, which will block the whole container, and no one can enter inside the container, which will keep you safe while sitting in the car inside the container. You can also easily leave or enter the car, as shown in the image below.  

    Jeep inside Graveyard

    You will need to take the jeep and go to the Graveyard. Once you reach there, you will find a huge house, the safest place in the FreeFire. Take the jeep to the boundary of the house, and there you have to park the jeep between the tree and the boundary wall because it will help you hide and survive till the end of the game. 

    Bike in Tower  

    For this trick, first, you have to get the bike and go to the sniper tower, where you have to use this bike as a trap for the enemy. Park the bike on the tower’s stairs, and then you have to hide in the tower. When the enemy tries to pass the bike trap, he will get stuck into it; you have to shoot and kill him. 

    Jeep in Guard Room 

    You have to take the jeep and go to CPR, where you find a security guard room. Place the jeep on the front side of the door so that it covers the whole door of the room, then you have to go inside the room and sit on the corner side so that no one can enter inside the room. When they try to get inside that room, you have to shoot and kill them, and you can easily survive as well.

    Amphibious Car in Double Door House

    When you have an amphibious car, you have to go to the double-door house and take the car inside the house. Take the car to the staircase, place it on the top of the stairs, and hide behind the box. When the enemy is trying to reach you and get closer to the car, you can easily kill him because the enter button is placed the same in the controller as the firing button. When he tries to shoot you, he presses the enter button, and you will get a chance to kill him easily.  

    SuperCar Snake Drive    

    First, you have to take the Lamborghini car and drive Zig Zag on the road because when the enemy tries to shoot you, you will not get much damage. With this technique, his bullets will turn into recoil, through which you will get zero-damage and can reach the safe place to survive. 

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