Top 11 Most Detailed Mods – Snowrunner

This guide will provide you with all the details about Snowrunner top 10 mods. 

Table of Contents

    Almost all RSK Mods

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    ak kot 76RSK

    RSK mods have their own addons and unique log packing. Soviet trucks are his specialty; they look decent both in and out. 

    Kraz 267 pack

    by ronnie sonchak.

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    This mod has an exposed engine and working fan and working gauges with lights.

    They have detailed addons, but these trucks are 6×2 only.

    Hummer H1

    by Iceberg101

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    This mod has a Radar add-on to scan the area, and it offers a lot of customization options and tons of tire options. It also has a good and working interior.

    Toyota Land Cruiser

    by koleso, masterkosta 

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    It’s a very detailed LC mod with a good detailed interior. Performance is also good.


    pack by yansors

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    Kamaz Facelift is only for PCs. It has got a detailed body & addons and the interior is also detailed.

    Tenno T-21

    by Poghrim

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    This mod has detailed & unique addons, its own loading crane. Smart heavy crane design, this crane takes less space though. It offers a unique spare tire add-on.


    By Death coreboy1

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    The details in this mod are just awesome, and the same goes for the interior. There are 

    Military colors only.

    1942 Willys MB 

    by Giopanda

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    It is a realistic & detailed mod in the game; it has its own trailer. The performance of these trucks is realistic. Sadly, there are no lights for gauges.

    UAZ 469

    by V.Vysoky

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    This mod has a super detailed interior, and lots of customization. There are no compromises in details. It has a movable search light, wind screen, and sun visors. It gives a good balanced performance and has its own unique addons.

    Honourable Mention #1

    Trail Hot Rod

    by johnjon HotRod

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    The look & color options of this mod is really amazing but the interior could’ve been improved. These trucks can plow through anything. There’s a suspension bug, and the suspension drops in the garage.

    Honourable mention #2

    Kamaz Arctic

    by Buxarin_Barin

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    These trucks have decent details inside out. The Real life version of AZov 42-20 can have crane & semi trailers. They are life saver in some situations.

    Almost All RNG3R Mods

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    Not only detailed but innovative too. Rng3r has a good range of trucks.

    RNG MPV 4×4

    These trucks are balanced like other Rng3r trucks. Rng3r nailed its details inside out. There are unique features like this one, and a drone to scan the area. And there is a storage area inside the drone.

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