Top 3 Tips For Knights Chronicles

This guide will provide you with the top 3 Knights Chronicles casual gaming tips and tricks. You can use these tips to make progress in the game. 

Tip #3 – Playing the multi dungeon

Even though this dungeon is RNG-based, it will give you a decent amount of rewards. This dungeon is very helpful when you are a casual player since the rewards are generous. You will get stuff like awakening essence, which is useful for your heroes, and the red thing.  

Doing this dungeon will give you a decent amount of crystals as well.  

Tip #2 – Playing the daily quest 

Although this tip isn’t a casual thing to do, once you master and memorize the game’s buttons, you will gain a rhythm that allows you to play the daily grind faster. 

This tip is just for you when you are a casual player who only wants to pull or roll heroes. Constantly doing this grind at least 10-15 minutes per day allows you to gain a maximum of 2k crystals per month, which is enough to roll for heroes. 

Tip #1 – Watching adds Lena’s TV

That’s right, by watching ads, you will gain crystals. You gain ten crystals per day and 30 crystals in total since it will refresh every 8 hours. 

The downside of this watching ads is that you will have to wait for at least 8 hrs (Minimum time to refresh the ads). You will gain many crystals and essences with these tips even if you aren’t actively playing the game.    

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