Top 3 Ways to Get Roblox VC

This guide will provide the top three ways to get Roblox VC.

The biggest issue with Roblox voice is that some people don’t have the option to enable it. It could occur because of the current location of the players as some parts of the world don’t have access to it. So you will need to download a VPN or Opera GX browser as it has a built-in free VPN. VPN will let you change your current location and you can access Roblox voice chat quicker.

There is one more thing players put in the wrong birthday. If you did the same, then you have to contact Roblox support and provide proof of your age, and then they will change the age on your account. If you are under 13, then don’t try to fake your age by using somebody else’s ID because Roblox can ban your account in this case.

The final issue is that the players don’t have a phone number and they can’t verify their email to authenticate their account. But you must do all three steps to increase your chance of getting Roblox voice chat. You can use Google Authenticator because it’s way more secure.