Top 5 Best Stands For Vamp In Yba! | (Your Bizarre Adventure)

This guide will tell you which are the Top 5 Best Stands For Vamp In Roblox Your Bizarre Adventure. It will provide you with different stats of the best stands in the game.

Top 5: MR

This stand with vamp is pretty good u can inf combo with it if you manage to do it right. It is pretty great in pvp with MR op hitbox and MR is also a pretty underrated stand so yeah.

Top 4: KC

KC is pretty good with every spec rn, with vamp it’s still a ez one shot combo you dont have to use te, Vamp KC is pretty underrated so might as well use it ig lol

Top 3: Cream

Cream is already a hando with range so cream vamp is rly good considering you can legit one shot combo. Nothin rly much to say about cream vamp. It’s good for sbr wipes.

Top 2: D4C : LT

Ah yes d4c It vamp, really freaking op freeze my clone hell yeah, i know D4C:LT hamon is still better but d4c It vamp is still pretty freaking good.

Top 1: Purple Haze

Purple haze vamp, where do i even start, ph vamp is the best stand for teamers and good for sbr wipes as well so yeah.



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