Top 5 Best Stands For Vamp In Yba! | (Your Bizarre Adventure)

This guide will tell you the Top 5 Best Stands For Vamp In Roblox Your Bizarre Adventure. It will provide you with different stats of the best stands in the game.

Top 5: MR

This stand with vamp is pretty good, you can infinite combo with it if you manage to do it right. It is pretty great in pvp with MR op hitbox and MR is also a pretty underrated stand.

Top 4: KC

KC is pretty good with every spec.  Vamp KC is a pretty underrated stand, so you might use it as well.

Top 3: Cream

Cream is already a hando with range, so cream vamp is really good considering you can legit one shot combo. There is nothing to say about cream vamp. It’s good for wipes.

Top 2: D4C : LT

D4C is vamp, really freaking op freeze. D4C:LT hamon is still better but D4C is still pretty freaking good.

Top 1: Purple Haze

Purple haze vamp is the best stand for teamers and good for sbr wipes as well so yeah.

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