Top Steam Games to Tryout in March 2023

Steam releases almost a thousand games each month; these games cover every genre like simulation, action, role-playing, and many more. We have listed down the best games released in March 2022. Grab your hands on the best ones and mesmerize yourself with the fantastic gameplay.

Game NamePlatformLink
Auto World TycoonSteam
Hand Cannon: Janky RealitySteam
Apocalypse: FloodgatesSteam
Quest for Cathay Kingdom Mah JongSteam
How to Take Off Your Mask RemasteredSteam
Paladin’s OathSteam
Coins InvadersSteam
Little Robo ClimberSteam
Northend Tower DefenseSteam
Master of the WizardsSteam
Dungeon’s FallSteam
Hero ClickerSteam
Dark DragonkinSteam
My Kindergarten Learning AdventureSteam
Escape The Living NebulaSteam
Escape from Cronos XSteam
The BuildSphere ~ Rise of the AnomalbotsSteam
Patrick’s ParaboxSteam
Far Realm Epics 2: Holy ReturnSteam
Dungeon RaiderSteam
Kurukshetra: AscensionSteam
Mad Experiments 2: Escape RoomSteam
Just Ignore Them: Brea’s Story Tape 1Steam
The Legends of TynedaleSteam
Rifle StormSteam

Auto World Tycoon

Auto World Tycoon is a tycoon game based in real-time. Purchase Auto Dealerships new or used, exotics or motorcycles, commercial or brand name, the choice is yours. Start small with used cars, gas stations, and car washes as you work your way toward owning giant Auto Malls.

Hand Cannon: Janky Reality

Take on the role of Jack Jackson, and complete the simulation in this action platformer. Featuring 12 levels, 10 bosses, 9 unique weapons, and a Metroidvania New Game Plus. After you complete the main game, create your own levels, and share them with your friends.


Explore weird and wonderful experimental worlds in a stranger-than-fiction molecular setting. AlCHeMoS is an atomic Action/Exploration game about alchemy. Seek subatomic particles, discover elements, challenge your friends, and overcome the forces of Dark Matter as they evolve to defeat you!

Apocalypse: Floodgates

Heard ’em up, Mow ’em Down! Mindless Carnage, fast-paced action. Apocalypse: Floodgates is a Third-Person Zombie Horde Shooter featuring post-apocalyptic weapons and deadly traps. Play online with up to four friends or play alone and see how many zombie waves you can take down.

Quest for Cathay Kingdom Mah Jong

Quest for the Cathay Kingdom is a solitaire Mah Jong game. It uses combinations of Mah Jong board game with puzzle match-3, bets, and wildcards. This gameplay can be enjoyed separately, or within an engaging story with a rich narrative based on historical facts.

How to Take Off Your Mask Remastered

The cute fantasy visual novel, “How to Take Off Your Mask” returns as a remastered version. One day, Lilia wakes up as a girl with cat ears and a tail! How could this happen, and how will her love story with her childhood friend, Ronan, unfold?

Paladin’s Oath

Complex Strategy Fantasy card game RPG inspired by board games like Mage Knight or Gloomhaven. Combines elements of RPG, light deck-building, puzzle, and strategy. Absolutely no micro-transactions, virtual currencies, or any of that, ever

Coins Invaders

Save Bitcoin from this currency madness by destroying altcoins while the Fed keeps us in this currency issuance currency madness.


Journey through space to save Earth from evil inter-dimensional beings and their Anunnaki serpents in this sci-fi vertical scroll shooter where deflecting enemy projectiles is key to success.

Little Robo Climber

Little Robo Climber is a 2D action arcade platformer. You’ll ascend the procedurally generated ship avoiding traps and enemies. No checkpoints or bosses. Just climb to the top… Oh and look out for the fire.

Northend Tower Defense

“Unique Tower Defense game. Mix different builds, Battle with different Soldiers, and Experiment with a big amount of perks. Parachute into the battlefield and use your strategy!

Master of the Wizards

Master of the Wizards is a party card game about powerful Wizards battling, flinging spells and curses at each other, and conquering and destroying lands along the way. Play with up to 5 other friends. Each match is very unpredictable, but with a bit of strategy and planning, you can turn the tables.

Dungeon’s Fall

Face the hardest and longest Dungeon ever made. Use power-ups, to increase difficulty or make it easier.

Hero Clicker

Hero clicker is a mix between a clicker game and a rogue-like. It will feature distinct characters with each their strengths and weaknesses.

Dark Dragonkin

Survive this retro-styled, RPG adventure as you guide your party through treacherous dungeons where each member’s unique skill is needed to survive.

My Kindergarten Learning Adventure

An early education game for kids with tons of mini-games and movies! Features draggable interactive objects, solving puzzles, & memory matches. All with visual and sound effects to support your child’s learning. Enjoy this memorable adventure in one of the most comprehensive Kindergarten prep games!

Escape The Living Nebula

Turn-based spaceship battles in a tense fight for survival.

Escape from Cronos X

ESCAPE FROM CRONOS X is a top-down, action RPG, with a deep storyline and epic battles. Fight your way through many action-packed missions to explore Cronos and find a way to escape the planet.

The BuildSphere ~ Rise of the Anomalbots

The BuildSphere ~ Rise of the Anomalbots is a cyber-cool and retro-style, sci-fi scavenger hunt and puzzle-solving game with platforming and obstacle course-like levels. Each progressive level will challenge you to collect assets and craft your next piece of loot in order to progress in the game.

Patrick’s Parabox

A mind-bending recursive puzzle game about boxes within boxes within boxes within boxes. Learn to use infinity to your advantage as you explore a deep and elegant system.

Far Realm Epics 2: Holy Return

It is the continuation of the game, which was first published in 2006 on many flash game sites and announced its name with different names such as “Village Wizard”. You will get to know the Far Realm Universe better with brand-new experiences and mechanics.

Dungeon Raider

Endless Hack’n Slash Dungeon Crawler Runner with RPG and Adventure elements awaits in this critically acclaimed by us incredible breakthrough of immense proportions for the gaming industry and peace on earth, title.

Kurukshetra: Ascension

Enter the world of Indian mythology in this unique card battler!

Mad Experiments 2: Escape Room

Mad Experiments 2: Escape Room is a multiplayer narrative escape game. Alone or with teammates, follow the story of Hildegarde and Professor Cheshire, explore, think, and escape!


NOBODY STEALS YOUR DOG… AND LIVES. You are outnumbered, outgunned, and out-goblin’d. Steal weapons and equipment from these wannabe dognappers and shoot, slide, stomp, slice, and dodge your way through a time-bending, ass-kicking adventure. Just remember… NO RELOADING!

Just Ignore Them: Brea’s Story Tape 1

On her way to cover the biggest story of her career, Brea Tena fumbles her way into a dark mysterious town called Ash Pines, the birthplace of the tragic events that took place in Just Ignore Them.

The Legends of Tynedale

The Legends of Tynedale is a classic top-down action-adventure game. Journey with Geordie as he takes on his Grandfather’s legacy: to find out if there is truth in the old Legends.


A sci-fi Tower Defense game. Strategize to destroy waves of rogue robots and assist the powerful turrets with the player-controlled drone. Build and collect resources and help evacuate your crew from the alien planet.

The Unearthened

Build & defend a small remote mining base on Taichin XI from the alien hordes. Deploy defenses, upgrade your turrets and get ready for nightfall. The Unearthened is a classic Tower Defense game where you build towers and prepare for the invasion.

Rifle Storm

A turn-based strategy game with roguelike elements. Build a powerful squad, explore randomly generated worlds, acquire almighty gadgets and capture the bunker!

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