Top Word Games To Play 2023

Word games are simple but extremely addictive. Word games are very useful in improving vocabulary, concentration and problem-solving skills, there are tons of word games but most of them are copied, we have curated a list of top word games that are of high quality, these games will help you in exercising your brain. 

Game NamePlatformPriceLink
Scrabboard SolverAndroidFree
Unscramble and build wordsAndroidFree
Wordmatic – The Most Expeditious Scrabble GameAndroidFree
Word Search LibraryAndroidFree
Cryptic CupiOSFree
Hangman proiOSFree
Word Expert: word finder tooliOSFree
Word Search World TravelerAndroidFree
6 Word StoriesAndroid$0.99
My Word GameAndroid$1.49
Five Words – A Word Matrix Puzzle GameAndroidFree
Stories Gone Mad FullAndroid$1.49
Word Tango : a fun new word puzzle gameAndroidFree
Hashtag RoundupiOSFree
Scrolling Words-Moving Word Game & Find WordsAndroidFree
Spell Them OutAndroid$0.99
Word Wow Around the WorldAndroidFree
Mumble WumbleiOSFree
RoxyPenguin – Learn WordsiOSFree
Word CurveiOSFree

Scrabboard Solver

Scrabboard Solver is the only scrabble solver application that finds the best solution of an actual Scrabble board from a camera image or a screenshot of your scrabble application (tested with classic words plus, ea scrabble, words with friends 2, words with friends messenger, wordfeud and scrabble go).

Unscramble and build words

Looking for anagrams? The present app will help you to unscramble words, adding up to 11 letters to the word searcher. The offline dictionary consists of 370,103 words!

Wordmatic – The Most Expeditious Scrabble Game

In Wordmatic you compete with your opponents on single move basis, not depending the whole board score. Your goal is to pass the random player who played before you on that board and make a score high enough to keep your lead against that board’s next player.

Word Search Library

A word search (also called word find, word seek, word sleuth, mystery word puzzle, WordSeek, WordFind, WonderWord, or “Sopas de letras” – Spanish for “Soup of Letters”) is a word game that has a grid of letters with words hidden in different directions.

Cryptic Cup

Cryptic Cup is a unique take on the cryptic crosswords. Everybody loves solving the daily crossword in the morning. But imagine if you could find out how good you were at it. Every fortnight, Cryptic Cup pits you against cryptic crossword aficionados from across the world in our Cryptic Cup contests, giving you the opportunity to prove your mettle and come out on top of the leaderboard.

Hangman pro

Hangman is a game of finding a word by guessing which letters are in it. The game is traditionally played in pairs, with paper and pencil, according to a very specific sequence. The game has 5000 words.

Word Expert: word finder tool

Enhance your word skill by building your own word lists, and win your Scrabble games. Scrabble Expert is an anagram tool for word games like Scrabble or other word games. (based on the officials dictionaries used for tournaments)

Word Search World Traveler

Word Search World Traveler is a great alternative to the usual list-based word searches. David L. Hoyt (The Jumble, USA Today’s Word Roundup) has packed the app with thousands and thousands of innovative word search puzzles that really get you thinking. It’s a totally free app that’s available for Android, iOS and Kindle and has hundreds of hours of brain-building fun, check it out!

6 Word Stories

Studies show that even short moments of creativity in a day help wire the brain for more creativity in all tasks, making problem solving and productivity soar while having fun! Creativity apps like Six Word Stories make it possible to inject creative moments into your day, and enjoy reading and sharing your writing for years to come.


Create words and place them on the board to link the 2 letters initially present on the board. Once the puzzle is completed you won! You can beat your own score games after games and look at your best achievements.

My Word Game

Place words on a 15×15 board. Alone, with friends or against your phone. Play online, invite a friend, progress! Chat with your opponents.

Five Words – A Word Matrix Puzzle Game

Five Words is an easy to learn and easy to play word game. Just drag the letter tiles at the bottom of the screen to the square at the top to create a grid of 5 words that read the same across and down. So if the first word across is “WORDS” then the first word down must be “WORDS” as well, and so on. The levels are not timed allowing you to play at your own pace and your current game is saved if you need to leave and come back later. The minimalist interface was designed for tablets and phones.

Stories Gone Mad Full

Poindexter, a pint-sized scientist, has grown bored with his library of stories. He wants to make his stories more interesting and that’s where you come in! You will need to feed Poindexter’s super computer a series of words so that she can insert them in a story to generate something new and exciting. That’s right, his computer is a “she”.

Word Tango : a fun new word puzzle game

This word puzzle game is developed by and for word game fans. The rules are easy but challenging, just drag the letters to the empty slots to find the correct words . Use a hint when you are stuck.

Hashtag Roundup

Want to laugh and have fun on Twitter with an amazing community? Download our app and let the creativity fly! Fun prompts throughout the day will keep you giggling day and night.

Scrolling Words-Moving Word Game & Find Words

Scrolling Words is a new kind of word game. It is an incredible brain challenging innovation of crossword puzzle game. Easy to play and makes learning fun.

Spell Them Out

In Spell Them Out, you spell words to remove tiles in order to drop the diamonds towards the bottom. Drop all diamonds out of the game board to advance to the next level.

Word Wow Around the World

New double sized boards, fun boosters and worm holes will challenge even the best game players. A NEW timer-free option is available for those who want relaxing game play. Book your ticket and travel with the worm!

Mumble Wumble

If you like the challenge of unscrambling words, then Mumble Wumble is the game for you! The goal of the game is to untangle as many 5 letter words in two and a half minutes as you can. The quicker you solve each word and the more consecutive solved words you get, the more points you earn. You can skip up to 9 words if you get stumped. Beat the clock, earn points, climb to the top of the leaderboard and earn bragging rights!


‘Blanks’ is a simple application helping you to learn new English words. It shows you word definition and gives 4 choices as answer. Select one of the choices by dragging it on the hole in the paper. If you are correct, a green hock is displayed. If the selected word does not fit to the definition, you will see a red cross.

RoxyPenguin – Learn Words

RoxyPenguin is a wonderful app for practising and memorising words and phrases. The difference from other word apps is that RoxyPenguin has a real nice-looking mobile game and learning happens in the background as you enjoy playing it. It’s a great alternative to flashcards and other ordinary word apps because it’s more addictive, which means that you will stay with it for a much longer period of time compared to other apps, thus you will learn much more.


Decodics is a team word game that brings the player closer to the world of IT. This is a fun game for those who are keen on technology, popular TV series and movies, and the world of super heroes.

Word Curve

Inspired by keyboard gesture typing on smart phones, Word Curve is a game that relies on your memory and recognition skills to match a curve, with a word.

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