Town Of Salem: Complete Witch Guide

The witch is an important character in Town of Salem, and if you are playing this role, you can control anybody you like at night. This is an in-depth guide of how to play the role of the witch in Town of Salem.

Neutral Evil

The witch is a neutral evil role, and as a witch, you can whip the mafia, the escort, the arsonist, werewolves, and survivors. If you are playing the role of the witch, then anyone you select is dead.

Ability to Control

Each night the witch controls one member of the town to target another member of the town. There are often overrides what the player had planned to do that night; however, there are some key exceptions which you need to be down on. An important thing worth mentioning is that your power as a witch doesn’t affect anyone that has no night ability, and the key example of this is a mayor who has extra power during the day. Transporters and mediums are completely unaffected. The jailers, however, can be prevented from executing their prisoner and can be made to lose executions. If you control the jailer to target its prisoner, then they will be forced to execute. The retributionist and the amnesiac can also be prevented from using their night ability. You can also control the survivor and ask him to use his vest instead of sending him to your secondary target. If you are playing the role of the witch, unlike other members, you won’t die if you visit werewolf to his home, instead you can control him as you wish.


The strategy includes the tactics that you can use to win if you are playing as a witch. In the game, the witch character is most vulnerable because witch doesn’t know what other characters are, and you will be discovered immediately if an investigator finds you. To avoid being caught in the early game, pay critical attention to what other roles are doing and how they act and what it could mean for their roles. If you manage to discover an ally early in the game just because of this, then it will make it easier to win the game later.

Making Friends with the Evil

If you are playing as a witch, you need to make friends with the evil. Each night the witch selects a target A and a target B. The best way of finding someone if it’s evil is if target A kills target B over the course of a couple of days or even few nights, and you find that evil people are increasing then you are on the right path. As evil people will keep on increasing more and more, you will be able to find more and more colleagues. The important thing is that you have to find the quiet ways of talking to them, and the best way of doing this is through whispers. Don’t just go in the open and announce that I am the witch because if you do, you’ll be killed immediately. You should better use indirect conversation instead of the direct one. The last thing you want to do is let the spy know that you are the witch. However, if you know that there are no random enemies around you, and both town investigators are dead, then there is a strong chance that you are not going to get caught, so you can whisper what you want to say.

Make as many Allies as Possible

Sometimes, instead of making just one friend, it is better that you make all the evil people your friends to avoid being killed at night. Especially, if you know more than one evil person identities, this decreases the odds of you getting attacked by an evil person and you are more likely to win in the end.

Creating Havoc amongst the Town Members

As a witch, you need to create havoc amongst the town members. If you know the jailer is jailing a specific town member, you can boss him to execute that target by controlling the jailer and the person that has been jailed. This also works the other way around: if you do not want the jailor to execute someone – like Mafioso who is in your friendship – then you can force him to target someone else and this person will not be executed. If the member of a town is a known veteran, it’s a good opportunity for you to control someone to make them target the veteran. If the veteran is on alert, then this person will die, and that’s what we call an abusive vigilante. This is the best way to kill a bodyguard or a doctor because this way they will be trapped in their own strategy. However, if you have been controlling a town protective member for too long, then it might start a lookout and your character will be revealed immediately. You can certainly afford this danger if you desperately need protection for a particular night.

What happens when you are accused?

It is very difficult to find a witch because most of the times, higher-ranked town security members like sheriff or mayor are after the bigger fish, that is to say, the godfather. The lower-ranked town security members like investigators rely on the information provided by spies; therefore, if you are very conscious in your conversations, they won’t be able to accuse you unless you proclaim out loud that I’m the witch. This doesn’t mean at all that you will be never accused or caught, and when this happens, you will be in a very tricky situation. If this isn’t an investigative claim then you can hide your identity and say that you are a medium or a doctor because these are two of the safest roles to claim. The fatal drawback of this pretension is that the investigators can see through this. Instinctively, you may want to come out as a survivor, and nowadays, there is also a strong risk in claiming that you are a survivor. Individuals often see survivors as evil, and the likelihood of pretending that you are a survivor can result in lynching eventually.

Living Even When You Die

In case that you have been lynched or killed, and if you still want your evil friends to keep on doing evil things – and you want to do these things just because you want to remain loyal to the evil side – then the interesting thing you can do is that in your will, you can ask your friends to do evil tasks.

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