Tricks, Tips, Secrets! | Zombie Attack

This guide will provide you with tricks, tips and secrets about the Zombie Attack.

  • Zombie attack is a game with infinite waves of zombies that you need to kill. You will earn XP and cash in killing the zombies and this cash can be used to buy new weapons.

  • At the most left side of the gas station, there is a gap near the wall. You can sneak yourself there and attack the zombies. Go to the first person in order to get inside.

  • After that, make your way to the store of the gas station and you will find some boxes there. You can hide behind these boxes.

  • There is another safe spot, go to the other side of this store, there will be some space between the racks. You can hide yourself there. You can easily target the zombies from this spot.

  • If a bunch of normal zombies are chasing you at any moment, you can simply blow them in one second using a grenade.

  • You can also target the incoming zombies on head as they will take more damage when you shoot them on head. But if you need extra damage, you have to upgrade your weapon.

  • You can climb up the boundary wall to target the zombies from the top. This is a great spot to kill them in a big number.

  • If you want to escape a bunch of zombies on the prison map, you can move up on the tree and jump over the fence.

  • There is an invisible wall in the kitchen. You can hide behind it and confuser the zombies. This is one of the best secrets of the game.

  • In the medieval kingdom map, you have to go over to the hay and jump onto the wooden bit. This is a zombie trap, they will get trapped and you can counter them easily.



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