Ultimate Hokage Duel Gift Codes (Updated)

Ultimate Hokage Duel is a new idle game developed by Blenheim Finance Ltd. The enemy clans prepare to conquer the world using the tailed beasts as weapons, and it’s up to you to guard the ninja village.

Active Codes

12Y298S99566Use it to get Diamond x188, Ryo x800K
16B007JG5P8XUse it to get Gem x200, Diamond Ticket x2
16O2844500FZUse it to get Exclusive Rewards
16P2844500FZUse it to get Exclusive Rewards
HF666Use it to get Diamond x100, Diamond Ticket x1
HF777Use it to get Ninja EXP x50K, Expert Forge Stone x5
HF888Use it to get Ryo x200K, Diamond Ticket x2

How to Redeem Codes in Ultimate Hokage Duel?

To redeem the codes in Ultimate Hokage Duel, you have to click on your avatar in the top-left corner and then tap on “Account”. After that, click on “Coupon”, enter the code and collect the rewards.