Hundreds of simulation games are released on Google Play Store at daily basis, most of them are complete trash but there are some extraordinary games that are worth playing, in this list we have targeted those underrated games that deserve more attention, most of these games are highly addictive that will keep you busy for a long period of time.

Game NamePlatformPriceLink
Dragon KeepersAndroidFree
Idle Coin Factory: Incredible Steampunk MachinesAndroidFree
Castle CraftAndroidFree
80s Mania Wrestling ReturnsAndroidFree
Holyday City TycoonAndroidFree
Oil, Inc.AndroidFree
Proton Bus Simulator RoadAndroidFree
Proton Bus Simulator 2020AndroidFree
Pro Pilkki 2AndroidFree
Warship Fleet CommandAndroidFree
Paths TakenAndroidFree
Firetruck 3DAndroid$0.99
Fox FamilyAndroidFree
Small Living WorldAndroidFree
Euro Train Simulator 2AndroidFree
Rollercoaster VRAndroid$0.99
Random SpaceAndroidFree
Knife Throwing SimulatorAndroidFree
Coffee CrazeAndroidFree
Anime Love StoryAndroidFree
Clicker codeAndroidFree
Lili’s bedroomAndroidFree

Dragon Keepers

The fairies of Dracon Forest need your help! The DRAGONS have gone missing, and they need your help to get them back. Tap your way to collect mana and become the ultimate Dragon Keeper! This is a pet dragon clicker game.


We are in the year 2050, all the resources on Earth are close to depletion, so we have no choice but to colonize other planets. Mars is the closest planet to us, and we have to find a way to colonize it quickly. However, going to a new planet that we never explored beforehand comes with its fair share of challenges.

Idle Coin Factory: Incredible Steampunk Machines

A world of unbelievable science and incredible contraptions is waiting for you! All what you have in your workshop at first is an ingenious machine, which produces coins as you spin the cogwheel. Earn money to upgrade it, to buy more cogs and gear, such as engines, pumps, hammers or wagons. Engineering genius, experienced miner, transdimensional researcher and other steampunk characters will help you on your way to become an ultimate tycoon.


Choose your own story! Discover Secrets in romance, fantasy, drama in thrilling stories, where you can make your decisions and change the development of the story. In this simulation game, you can date a vampire prince, meet teen friends in high school, flirt with a college teacher or even chase super-hot criminals with your choices. Read original stories, control the drama, your appearance and decide what dress to wear!


In this intense interrogation simulation game, you must continuously answer questions while trying to keep your story straight. If your memory fails or you don’t answer quickly enough, then you will be found guilty and punished. Get ready to face a perceptive lie-detecting interrogator. Will your concentration falter? Do you choose to fight for your innocence or just plead guilty? How long do you endure the anxiety? The choice is yours.

Castle Craft

Castle Craft: Knight and Princess is a free game of building of your own blocky world set in medieval times. Spawn king and queen and their knights and build a royal castle for them. Who knows maybe in one of the knights a princess will find a true love, their honey?

80s Mania Wrestling Returns

Hundreds of amazing retro wrestling characters flesh out this old school wrestling universe including wrestlers, tag teams, managers, commissioners, interviewers and more! Each character is totally original while also inspired by the greatest decades in pop culture history! It’s piledriving parody at its finest!

Holyday City Tycoon

Build a city and become a business tycoon, all with just few clicks and patience! In Holyday City, you’re in charge of resource management, business management, and the growth of your town into a sprawling metropolis.

Oil, Inc.

You have to build and manage facilities for oil drilling from Oil Derrick, Offshore Platform, Refinery, to Storage Tanks, and Petrol Station. Drill hard and unlock Zombies, Aliens, Monsters and a nasty Mega-Robot to drill for you. Yeah, awesome!

Proton Bus Simulator Road

Created by the same developer team from Proton Bus Simulator, Proton Bus Road is a coach bus simulator that has as main objective the driving simulation with boarding and disembarking passengers either in cities or support points.

Proton Bus Simulator 2020

The modding system for buses is now more advanced, supporting many animations for buttons, rain, wipers, windows and so on. The community made already hundreds of buses, and there are more to come!

Pro Pilkki 2

Get ready to explore the snowy landscapes of more than 30 frozen lakes, ponds and rivers. Challenge yourself in single player tournaments and when you think you’re good enough, prove it to the other world by joining the public online games.

Warship Fleet Command

Warship Fleet Command is game with realization of naval battles and strategies from WW1 and WW2. You can be a commander, form the fleet and set strategies on your own.


Explore a new world filled with magical creatures called Kupimon. Catch Kupimon monsters and level up. Climb to the top and become the very best hero in this free epic fun clicker game!

Paths Taken

Paths Taken is a dating sim visual novel where you play as Emory, a noble of a country on the brink of war. How will you spend your time? Who will you chose to walk with along your path?

Firetruck 3D

Test your driving skills with a fire truck and be as fast as possible to the site. You can choose between an American car and a classic car of the professional fire Bern.

Fox Family

Create your own fox and go in search of adventure. A large location with forest, rivers, fields and farms is available for research. Hunt for animals, make a family, improve your fox and your family members. Do different tasks and become stronger. Find out what it means to be a fox in the new Fox Family 3d animal simulator.


Time to become a farmer! Unleash your true farmer’s spirit in this cool farm manager and livestock manager game. Become a great farmer as you perform multiple tasks at a time ranging from sowing crops, growing crops, cutting crops, selling crops and looking after your livestock.

Small Living World

Small Living World is a fully simulated ecosystem running in your hands. No stress, no pressure, you drive the development at your rhythm.You start with an almost desert world that you bring to a lushful forest landscape. Everything is under your control, from the landscape shape to the plants and animals that live there. Deploy the full power of the terraforming tools.


PickCrafter is an incremental idle craft clicker game that lets you take control of a pickaxe and dig deep into the biomes Even while idle or offline! Just start tapping to mine. Upgrade Legendary Pickaxes, collect all the blocks and gear, and unlock all the Biomes Digging for gold has never been more exciting! Tap to start, then upgrade your Artifacts and Abilities to mine deeper, faster.

Euro Train Simulator 2

Euro Train Sim 2 is the first mobile train simulator to feature officially-licensed real trains from Germantrain operator Deutsche Bahn. The locomotives have been authentically recreated with maximum attention to detail. Euro Train Sim 2 is a high-quality, feature-rich railroad simulation games covering every major destination in the world. Featuring an intuitive, easy to use interface, the game lets users play Career Mode to accomplish varied scenarios and unlock new trains and routes.

Rollercoaster VR

Enjoy the excitement that comes from VR as you explore the ultimate, most exciting and one of a kind roller coaster ride of your life. You can easily obtain a new perspective on the roller coaster experience, and we are here to help you with that at all times. Experience the area around the roller coaster in full 3D, enjoy the thrill and adrenaline rush that comes from riding the roller coaster and just take your VR headset for a spin right now.

Random Space

You suffered a wreck in an unknown system due to spacecraft failure. Everything you have is an emergency accommodation module and a heap of scrap. But by good fortune, you are an engineer and you have a clever pair of hands. Upgrade your habitation, build assisting robots, collect enough resources and build a spacecraft. To come home, you will have to visit all planets to determine your current location. In addition, you need to breathe, sleep and eat – remember about it!

Knife Throwing Simulator

Build your knife! Take materials and craft new deadly blades by your choice! Put the handle you like and you ready to destroy! Make your weapon even more destructive with powerfull runes and turn your blade into burning fireball or flying lightning!

Coffee Craze

Be an entrepreneur! Customize and upgrade your shop and employees! Your clients will be more and more satisfied once new equipments are unlocked and new decoration arrives! As a boss, you can manage an amazing shop and earn money by serving all your customers!

Anime Love Story

DEAR FANS, get ready for a TOTAL MIND-BLOWER from your favorite developers! A brand new interactive “love story” game combining elements of virtual reality and RPG with beautiful manga characters and illustrations is finally out! Immerse yourself in the most thrilling gaming experience ever while you shape your destiny and make life-determining choices on your way to true love! Which one of the guys will be lucky to be chosen as your Prince Charming?

Clicker code

Just click on the computer to write the code. Walk the path from the teapot to the great creator of programs! Create projects, earn experience and buy new computers and software! You have to learn programming languages ​​and write programs, developing your own projects. Start with a cheap, weak computer and earn money on an incredibly powerful configuration.

Lili’s bedroom

Lili’s bedroom – dress up doll, dress up teddy bear and makeover the bedroom- is a dress up game that your little princess kid will love! She will help Lili to dress up her doll and teddy bear and to makeover her bedroom!

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  1. Air combat pilot is very addictive !!!hands down the best pilot game out. Runs so smooth and realistic flight, graphics are sick. The objectives are challenging but beat•able. These guys got a home run with this game !!!

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