Unlocking Healer Cat, The Ultimate Freeze – The Battle Cats

In this guide, you will learn how to unlock and use the Healer Cat properly. It is the stage where you unlock Healer Cat.

You don’t need treasure radar because it’s guaranteed to drop. Now, let’s upgrade this unit.

Store Cal Fondo 17 I think it’s better to keep Healer Cat low level.

It’s because you’ll have to use him to freeze mostly weak enemies to stack up the attackers. You’ll get ten free cat food by upgrading Healer Cat to level 10; here is his awakened stage.

You can use the treasure radar if your cats aren’t strong enough for the second stage.

Unlocking his true form is a must because the first/ second form is useless.

The stages are still easy even without uber. The second stage is guaranteed to drop the true form.

Now, he gains area attacker + 100% freeze CZCE; you use Healer Cat in the battle.

You need at least 1 (Sm), and 1 (M) freeze combo to use the Healer Cat. 

Those combos will make him perma-freeze Alien, Black, Red, Zombie, Angel, & Floating.

But, you need at least two Healer Cats for Relic and trait less enemies. 

It’s because you don’t have treasures yet to increase the effect of freeze ability for Relic. Now, you can stack up attackers without killing the enemies you use to stall. 

You have to keep him at a low level because you use him to stall Doge, Snache, or another weak peon. There are two Healer Cats on board.

You can now perma-freeze Relic. You need ONE Healer Cat to perma-freeze Bore. 

You can now use any JP players’ strat that uses Healer as the main strat.

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