Upcoming Characters – Genshin Impact

This guide will let you know which characters are coming in Genshin Impact and what their stats are. 

Thoma is releasing in a few days under Hu Tao’s banner.

Arataki itto is a 5* geo claymore user that will be released in the next patch, and is receiving the same treatment as raiden shogun from Mihoyo.

He’s still in beta testing, and everything about his kit hasn’t been made official, but the role3 is likely the main DPS.

Shenhe is likely a 5* cryo polearm character that fits many roles.

Shenhe could be a cloud retainer in a human form wandering around Liyue since her described attitude is similar to hers.

Xiao, Chong Yun, and Ningguang voiceovers about her are locked under various means; perhaps they don’t want us to know about her little secret.

Yun jin is likely a 4* Anemo polearm luser who works at Heyu tea house; many Liyue characters have voiceovers about her.

Her only visual appearance is from a story teaser; Yun jin and Shenhe are likely in version 2.4. 

Yae Miko is confirmed to be playable by Mihoyo, and her release is most likely in 2.5. 

Ayato is Ayaka’s big brother; he would be like the Kaeya of Lnazuma but with higher social status.

Ayato is expected to be a 5* hydro polearm user, and his release is at 2.6, but it may get delayed even further.

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