War Thunder Tanks: Tip & Tricks Guide

War Thunder truly captures the essence of World War 1, and to enjoy this brilliant masterpiece, you will have to make some struggle learning tactics because without these you will be turned into ashes within minutes. Have you ever witnessed your tank exploding in the War Thunder? If yes, fear no more because in this article you are going to learn how to take revenge and become an effective killing machine.

How to Destroy Enemy Tanks Effectively

While you are on the hunt to destroy the enemy tanks, you need to keep a couple of things in your mind: crew locations and armor fitness. The importance of the crew is obvious from the fact that if you want to destroy a tank, you need to kill most of its crew members, and it requires twofold strategy: either you go and attack directly, or hide somewhere and let the enemy come. Here are few tips on how by hitting and targeting different crew members you can achieve different goals:

Hitting the Crew Members

Hit the Driver

Hit the driver in the tank, and the tank will be immobile for few seconds, get the opportunity and destroy it.

Hit the Gunner

Hit the driver, and the tank will no longer be able to fire at you. Dead gunner means no reload, and thus no firing. Your prime focus should be on hitting the gunner.

Hit the loader

By hitting the loader, you can achieve two things: there won’t be any reload, and the gunner won’t be able to do anything. Another tip is that aim to shoot the loaders in the tanks with big weapons because it will increase the time of reloading to double or triple than it previously was.

Hit the Commander

If you want to teach a lesson to the enemy, then aim to shoot at its commander: the enemy will be devastated.

Hit the Radio Operator

If you don’t want your enemies to know your exact position, then shoot the radio operator of the enemy team because he is the one responsible for revealing your location.

Hitting different Parts of Tanks

To win a battle effectively, you should not only focus on the crew members, but also on different parts of tanks. Here are few tips on which parts of tanks you should attack, and what will be the advantage of attacking these parts:

Hit the Transmission

Want to immobilize the tank? Hit it on the transmission and watch it lying there – burning.

Hit the Engine

Want to see the entire tank explode? Hit the engine because it will cause a fire in it. The tank will explode there and then.

Hit the gun Barrel

Want to cripple the tank so that it would no longer be able to fire back at you? Hit the gun barrel and destroy it completely.

Hit the Fuel Tanks

Want to watch the tank burning in front of your eyes? Aim at the fuel boxes and the tank will burn like dry grass.


The most important thing that you can set as a goal is penetration into the enemy tanks, but the problem is, most heavy tanks have bouncy surfaces, then how will you make sure that the bullets do not bounce off? Here are few tips for that:

Have a look at this picture, and you will get some idea about the bouncing of bullets on sloppy surfaces. For maximum penetration, attack on those parts which are perpendicular because the chances of penetration in those areas are 50% higher.

Range Finding

If you want your bullets to penetrate in the enemy tanks effectively, you need to consider the range as well. Here are few scientific facts that explain why the range is too important, and then I will move towards range tactics. As you fire a bullet, it has to face air resistance which will slow it down. The bullet will also be affected by the gravitational pull.

Range Tactics

Can you see the horizontal lines on your focus scope? These are range lines. These are perfectly calibrated to whatever shell you have loaded at the moment and will recalibrate if you switch to a different shell halfway through the battle. Each of these lines is going to represent an increment in the distance of 200m. Essentially if your target is 200m away, you aim with the first line downwards, and if your target is 600m away, you aim with the third one. If it’s 1km away, aim with the 5th one.

The real question is, how would you know that how far the target is? That’s where the rangefinder comes in. Unlock the range finder first and assign it to any button you want. It will give you the exact idea about the distance of the tank.

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