Weapons Expert Challenge – Kill a Grizzly Bear Using Throwing Knives : RDR2

WEAPONS EXPERT 10: Kill a grizzly bear without taking damage, using only throwing knives. 

This guide will let you know how to kill a grizzly bear with throwing knives and complete the challenge in Red Dead Redemption 2. You will need to complete “Paying a Social Call” (Chapter 2) as a prerequisite, and you will get “Weapons Expert Bandolier available at any Trapper” as a reward.

First, you have to make sure to have enough knives for this challenge, and if not, you will need to buy some from any Fence.

You can also craft and use improved knives or poison knives to deal more damage per single knife to the bear.

You have to reach the area as shown in the map, a common spawn point for grizzly bears, and place your character in the hole between the fallen trees.

The grizzly cannot reach this area, so that you won’t take damage at all. If the bear is not already charging you, you have to wait at this spot.

As soon as the grizzly appears, let him come near you enough and use the throwing knives of your choice to kill him.

You should try to place a mark on the animal’s eye with the Dead Eye to kill him with a single shot.

If he falls, you will need to finish him by throwing another knife. Do not execute the bear with the hunting knife; otherwise, the killing won’t be considered valid for the challenge.

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