How to Catch Pokémon in Pokémon Legends: Arceus - Part 2

Some will attack you and some will try to run.

Pokemon can even ram into you, making you stumble.

When catching Pokemon, be sure to observe them before you try to catch them. Also, don't forget to adjust your strategy to each Pokemon.

There are different kinds of strategies.

If you throw a berry near a Pokemon, it will get distracted and may run away.

When the Pokemon goes after berries, it doesn't pay attention to you.

And, that's why it's the perfect time for you to tap on it.

A Poke Ball is most effective when it hits a Pokemon on its back.

You will be able to catch it faster.

This is called a Back Strike.

When hunting a pokemon, you should act sneakily by crouching and creeping up to it from behind. This will give you a tactical advantage over the creature.

A back strike also works when starting a Pokemon battle.

When you hit a wild Pokemon, it will be caught off-guard.

Use this strategy as an advantage.

If a wild Pokemon spots you or if you fail to catch it on your first attempt.

Pokemon will get an X on its head, it will enter an alert state.

Now, it can deflect any Pokeballs.

Pokemon will let you know that it's seen you.

If you see a red bar with an eye icon at the top of your screen.

Now, if you want to get this Pokemon, you have to battle it.

Pokemon can attack you.

When a Pokemon hits your character, you take damage.

If you are hit a lot, you will lose some of your items.

When you're in the thick of battle, don't forget to use your dodge.

When you encounter an aggressive Pokemon in the wild, it will be marked with an X on its head.

They cannot be caught with the poke ball.

It's not easy to catch them.

Capture them

By weakening them in battle.