Where to Use Gacha Tix In My Hello Kitty Cafe

This guide will let you know where to use Gacha Tix in My Hello Kitty Cafe. You have to follow the simple steps in this guide to do so. 

You can get the vending machine when you log in from your cafe. Your cafe should be right around the area, so you have to head over to the train tracks, and there you will find a little train. Now you need to go to the city because that’s where the vending machine is. Take a turn to the left across where the upgrade vendor and selling vendor are.

You can see the vending machine from the stairs you take to get there, so now you need to use the source and press the button. When you press the sticker button, you will spin your tickets depending on how many you have because it will not make any difference between five, one and three.

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