Whisper Trip – Chapter 1 – Controls Guide

Whisper Trip – Chapter 1 is a side-scrolling slasher platform game set in a dystopian future where robots have revolted. The protagonist turns out to be a new member of the TFP, which is also known as Tactical Police Forces.

In this guide, you’ll find all the Controls to play Whisper Trip – Chapter 1.


Move RightDPress D to Move Right
Move LeftAPress A to Move Left
JumpSpacebarPress Spacebar to Jump
AttackLeft Mouse ButtonPress Left Mouse Button to Attack
KickRight Mouse ButtonPress Right Mouse Button to Kick
DodgeLeft ShiftPress Left Shift to Dodge
InteractEPress E to Interact
ThrowQPress Q to Throw
Pause/ExitEscPress Esc to Pause/Exit
Restart LevelRPress R to Restart Level
Show TaskTabPress Tab to Show Task
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