10 For Rent Objects You Need To Start Using – The Sims 4

In this comprehensive guide, you will find ten for-rent objects to start using in The Sims 4. These objects include electric kettles, pressure cookers, squat toilets, Tibert the tiger, tiger inspector badge, tassels, almost natural springs hot tub, aircon, radiators, fuse box, water heaters, hopscotch, marbles, sugarcane juice drink tray, and mysterious basket.

Electric Kettles

These kettles are way better than other similar appliances. They don’t just make tea or coffee, they boil water and make lots of different drinks. You can make all kinds of tea, like Builders tea that makes Sims feel good, and a sparkly rainbow tea that makes Sims playful for 4 hours. You can also make hot water and lots of different types of coffee. Electric kettles can be upgraded to never break or get dirty, making them super durable and clean.

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Pressure Cooker

This appliance helps make big meals for a bunch of Sims. You can make dishes that have 12 servings. Just like the kettles, the pressure cooker can be upgraded to be unbreakable and self-cleaning. You can put the food in the pressure cooker, wait for it to cook, and then release the steam. After that, you’ve got a delicious meal ready to eat.

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Squat Toilets

Squat toilets are different from the normal toilets. They’re common in some Asian countries. Instead of sitting down like on a regular toilet, with squat toilets, you need to squat down to use them.
They work just like normal toilets but require squatting instead of sitting.

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Tibert the Tiger

You can’t buy Tibert the Tiger plush in the regular buying mode. To get this cute tiger plush, visit the tiger sanctuary in the Coaa area of Tarang and support the sanctuary by adopting a tiger for 100 simoleons. As a thank-you, your Sim will join the Cub Club, and Tibert the Tiger plush will be sent to you by mail in a few days.

Having Tibert the Tiger brings happiness to your sims. Cub Club members can interact with Tibert by patting it for a small happy mood boost. Sims can also choose to think about their adopted tiger, which gives a longer interaction and a very strong plus three happy moodlet.

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Tiger Inspector Badge

This badge is hard to get, you can find it by sneaking into the CIA tiger sanctuary at night. You might have a better chance of finding it when completing the final stage of the Seeker of Secrets aspiration. To use the badge, you need to complete the Seeker of Secrets aspiration and get the Pry of the Tiger reward trait. Keep the badge in your inventory. The badge acts as a perfect alibi when you have it with you.

With the Four Rent expansion pack, you can break into other Sims’ houses and look for secrets to use for blackmail. If you have the Tiger Inspector Badge while snooping around, it works as an excellent excuse. Normally, if you take too long, residents will come back home, catch you, and fight you. But if you completed the Seeker of Secrets aspiration and have the badge, residents will just assume you’re checking for tigers and let you continue snooping. It’s really handy and gives you an energized mood boost of plus three when used as an alibi.

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Tassels are small decorative items available in 10 different colors that you can collect in the game. You can get these tassels in various ways such as buying them from night markets, digging them up from sand piles on the small beach in Tarang, exploring the secret cave in Tarang, and visiting and sneaking into the CIA tiger sanctuary.

Once collected, you can display these tassels, they provide a boost to the environment of your space by adding a plus three boost. When you gather all 10 tassels, you can combine them to unlock a cool top that your Sims can wear.

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Almost Natural Springs Hot Tub

This hot tub is like a spa, but it has a unique feeling compared to other hot tubs in the game. It’s a part of the base game. It has a different look with a rocky and slightly leafy appearance, making it fit in well in outdoor natural settings. It’s great for outdoor areas that have a more natural vibe. For instance, if you have the Get-Together expansion pack, it fits well at the Bluffs. In the Strangerville game pack, it blends nicely with the rocky terrain. This hot tub has a distinct appearance that makes it suitable for outdoor settings surrounded by nature.

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Aircon, Radiators, Fuse Box, Water Heaters

Air conditioning units cool down spaces, while radiators warm them up. Radiators can be upgraded to be firesafe at level three handiness. If you have the Seasons expansion pack, then the objects can sync with a thermostat. When synced, the air conditioner turns on when the thermostat is set to cool, and the radiator turns off. Similarly, when the thermostat is set to warm, the radiator turns on, and the air conditioner turns off.

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Water Heaters

You will have reduced water bills by a lot and alters how hot water works in your home while it’s functioning. If it breaks, you can only take cold showers until it’s fixed. It can be upgraded to break less or work off the grid and an alternative option that never breaks but only works when it’s sunny.

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Fuse Box

This will lower electricity bills, cause all lights to flicker until repaired, and can be upgraded to break less. If water heaters or fuse boxes are placed in a shed space on a residential rental lot, they affect every unit on the lot. If placed inside a unit, they only impact the specific unit they’re in. These objects add realism and gameplay around managing water and power, giving more variety to your Sims’ home life.

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Hopscotch is a game or activity available for Sims, you can practice hopscotch alone or play it with others. It helps improve both fitness and motor skills for Sims. Especially enjoyable at parks or even in high school if you have the High School Year expansion pack. It’s a fun activity especially suitable for child Sims and winning at hopscotch makes your Sim highly confident. Winning brings a moodlet that references High School Musical’s song Bop to the Top, which can make fans of High School Musical very happy.

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Marbles are small objects that child Sims can play within the game. Only child Sims can play with marbles, and doing so helps improve their Motor skill. They can practice alone or play with other child Sims, which can help them make friends.

Marbles can be found in different ways such as purchasing them online or at market stores in Tarang, dig them up from sand piles in Tarang. Have teens and adults search toy boxes to find marbles. Child Sims can play a game where they risk a marble to try and win another marble. To keep marbles safe, you can store them in a marble jar.

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Sugarcane Juice Drink Tray

This object is a tray that serves sugarcane drinks in the game. Once purchased, it costs 90 simoleons to fill the tray with six sugarcane drinks. When Sims drinks these sugarcane drinks, it helps satisfy a bit of their hunger needs. Additionally, it gives them a plus two happy moodlet for 4 hours. It’s an easy way to make your Sim happy and can be particularly useful during events to keep everyone in a good mood.

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Mysterious Basket

It’s an object you can buy for 35 Simoleons at the night market in Tarang. The description suggests that the basket is hungry and needs to be fed. You can open the basket, making it seem like there’s something you’re supposed to put inside. Players have tried putting many different objects, including various foods and ingredients like fruits, but nothing seems to work.

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