All Weapons – Crysis Remastered

This guide will provide you with the details of all the weapons available in Crysis Remastered. You will find different features of these weapons, including range, ammunition and more.

Weapon NameDescription
AHMG-138AHMG-138 is a powerful version of the hurricane Minigun. You can find it in ASVs and mounted in other places.
AirstrikeAirstrikes are the aerial attacks performed by the jets as they drop bombs on any area. You can use these attacks to blow off a specific area on the map. 
AN-M8 HC Smoke GrenadeThe AN-M8 HC Smoke Grenade is a type of smoke grenade that creates a cloud of smoke for 33 seconds. It is not very accurate or range, but it can temporarily disorient enemies. It is used by the United States Marine Corps and the Korean People’s Army.
AutocannonThe autocannon is a type of mounted or vehicle weapon that fires medium to large rounds. The damage and ammunition capacity of autocannons vary depending on the size of the rounds. Autocannons fire in a fully automatic mode and have a medium to very high accuracy and range.
C4C4 is an explosive consisting of a remote detonator and an explosive. You can hide the explosive anywhere, and when the enemy gets closer to it, you can explore it using the remote.
DSG-1The DSG1 is a sniper rifle that can also be used as an assault weapon. It costs 250 prestige and does 250 damage per hit, with an accuracy of very high. It has a magazine size of 10+1, and maximum ammunition of 10+30. It fires single shots at a rate of 90 RPM, and has a very long range. The ammunition it uses is 7.62x51mm, and it has a muzzle velocity of 1200 meters per second.
EMP GrenadeThe EMP Grenade is a weapon that is used to disrupt Nanosuit functioning. It is a low-accuracy grenade that has a short range. It is thrown like a regular grenade, and explodes on impact. The EMP Grenade is effective against Nanosuits, as it can disable their functionality.
FistsFists are weapons that do 80 damage per hit and have infinite ammo but need to be recharged. It fires 2 punches per second and is accurate to medium to high. It has a melee range. It is used by the human race.
FY71The FY71 is an assault rifle that can fire fully automatic or semi-automatic. It has a rotating bolt and a magazine size of 30+1 rounds. It can also use incendiary rounds.
Gauss CannonThe Gauss Cannon is a powerful tank weapon that fires a slug of high density metal alloy at a very high speed. It is very accurate and has a very long range.
Hurricane MinigunThe Hurricane Minigun is a powerful weapon that can fire up to 1,000 rounds per minute. It uses 7.62x51mm ammunition and is typically used by the United States Marine Corps and the Korean People’s Army.
Incendiary roundsIncendiary Rounds is an attachment for FY71 (FY-71M in Crysis 3). It will increase the damage of FY71.
LAWThe LAW is a disposable compact missile launcher useful against lightly armored vehicles. The US Marines and KPA use it quite regularly.
Lockpick KitLockpick Kit is a multiplayer Utility in Crysis Remastered. You can use it to repair the vehicle and hijack enemy vehicles. It will also help to gain new vehicles for your team.
M18 Claymore anti-personnel mineM18 Claymore is a mine that the players can throw in any particular direction. It will explore when an anime comes closer to the mine, causing devastating damage. You can also use them to protect the flanks.
M26A1 Fragmentation GrenadeYou can use the M26A1 fragmentation grenades to flush out hiding enemies. You can use these grenades in any environment. The US Military and KPA use this device quite regularly.
M84 FlashbangM84 flashbang is a weapon featured in the Crysis series. In tight areas such as buildings or jungles, the player may throw the flashbang from behind cover, disorienting nearby enemies without affecting themselves.
Molecular AcceleratorThe Molecular Accelerator is a powerful weapon used by the aliens. It fires very fast and can hit players up to medium range. It uses water vapor as ammo, and has an infinite supply. It can be fired in fully automatic mode, or in short bursts.
MPX8 Submachine GunThe MPX8 Submachine Gun is a type of submachine gun that is used for close-quarters combat. It is gas-operated and has a rate of fire of 950 RPM. It is also able to fire in semi-automatic mode. The gun starts to drop in damage at a distance of 30 meters. The gun fires 4.6mm bullets that have a muzzle velocity of 725 meters per second. The gun has a mass of 15 kilograms and the bullets have a lifetime of 2 seconds. The damage type is a bullet.
PistolThe Pistol is a handgun that can be bought for 50 prestige. It does Crysis 45 damage per hit, Warhead 60 damage per hit, and Warhead AI 30 damage per hit. It holds 20 rounds in its magazine, and can hold up to 220 rounds in all. The Pistol is a semi-automatic and 2-round burst fire weapon. It has medium accuracy and a range of 25 meters. It fires 4.6x30mm rounds and has a muzzle velocity of 360 meters per second. The Pistol weighs 10 kilograms and has a projectile lifetime of 2 seconds. The damage type is a bullet.
Radar KitRadar Kit is a Multiplayer Utility in Crysis Remastered. It will help you to see otherwise hidden targets. You can also use it to track your enemies and project important facilities.
Repair TorchRepair Torch is a multiplayer tool in Crysis Remastered that works only in Multiplayer. You can use it to repair automated turrets and all types of vehicles. You can also repair an ally vehicle. 

used for repairing and. The Torch can repair all types of vehicles and automated turrets, although the speed of repair is the same at all vehicles.
SCARThe SCAR is a rifle that fires bullets very quickly. It has a magazine that holds 40 rounds and can hold up to 41 rounds in total. It can be fired in fully-automatic or semi-automatic mode, and also has an under-barrel attachment. 
This rifle fires 6.8x43mm bullets. It has a range of 50 meters and starts to lose damage at that distance. The ammunition it uses is called 6.8x43mm. It travels at a speed of 1100 meters per second and weighs 20 grams. The projectile it fires will travel for two seconds before it dissipates. The SCAR deals bullet damage. It will be used in the 2020s. Its counterpart is the FY71. Its main
Shi TenShi Ten is a gun that shoots bullets. It shoots 400 bullets per minute. It has unlimited ammo. It is used by the KPA and the US.
Singularity CannonThe Singularity Cannon is a powerful weapon that can be used by both humans and aliens. It fires a powerful energy beam that can cause significant damage to its target. The weapon can be fired continuously, and the ammunition is unlimited but must be recharged. The rate of fire for the weapon varies depending on the class of the user – a scout can fire the weapon every 2.5 seconds, a warrior every 3.5 seconds, and a hunter every 5 seconds. It is a weapon that fires projectiles that create a black hole. It has medium to high accuracy and range. The ammunition type is a singularity projectile. It will be used in the 2020s. It’s a counter weapon is the TACCannon. It is used by the Ceph, the US, and the Korean People’s Army.
TAC CannonThe TAC Cannon is a powerful tank cannon that fires a single projectile. In single-player mode, it does 1000 damage per hit. In multiplayer mode, it does 3000 damage per hit. It has a magazine size of 1, and a maximum of 2 projectiles. It fires in a single projectile mode. It is a powerful weapon that has medium to high accuracy and low to very high range. It fires TAC Projectiles, which are powerful rounds that can cause a lot of damage. This weapon will be used by the US and KPA in the 2020s.  
TAC GunThe TAC Gun is a nuclear grenade launcher that costs 500 prestige. It does 700 damage per hit in singleplayer, and 2000 damage per hit in multiplayer. It has a magazine size of 1, and a maximum of 3 rounds. It is accurate to medium range, and the ammunition type is a tactical nuclear grenade. The muzzle velocity is 40 meters per second.
XM2014The XM2014 shotgun is a powerful weapon that can be used in close or long range combat. It has a magazine size of 8 rounds and can fire up to 8 rounds before needing to be reloaded. The shotgun can also be fired in single shot or semiautomatic mode. This shotgun has two different firing modes: a wide mode that fires a spread of shots, and a narrow mode that fires a more concentrated blast. It is loaded with 12-gauge shotgun shells, which travel at a speed of 460 meters per second. The XM2014 is used by the KPA and the USA.

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