Auto Shop Money Guide – GTA Online: Los Santos Tuners

This guide will provide you with all the details about Auto Shop Money in GTA Online: Los Santos Tuners.

There are three ways to make money with the update; the first is the Business Legit Front.

From time to time, you’ll receive a message from Sessanta telling you that a client dropped off his ride at the shop. Go back to the shop and apply the modifications asked by the client written on the screen.

And a few extras, if you want, then deliver the vehicle to the client and avoid crashing along the way. You don’t have to let the staff deliver the vehicle because they will always damage it, lowering your income.

After the delivery, you’ll get the money for customizing and delivering the vehicle plus a bonus if the client liked the additions.

In best case scenario, GTA $80,000 to GTA $90,000 per vehicle.

The second way to make money is the “Gone in 60 seconds” method.

After completing the first contract, Sessanta will get in touch to unlock the exotic export, vehicle list.

With a bit of luck and grace, you’ll be able to bank GTA$300,000 in a couple of hours. The third method is hidden behind the Not So Legit Business, running inside the auto shop called Contracts.

There are eight contracts, each consisting of two preparatory missions and a finale, all playable sole and in closed lobbies.

An LS Tuner’s vehicle is required for the finale, and if you don’t own one, Sessanta will provide her tailgater S for the job.

Upon reaching ranks 10, 15, 25, and 30 of the tuners rank, you’ll unlock four abilities to use during the contracts.

“Quick fix” will spawn the Mobile auto repairs truck nearby, allowing you to repair your car on the fly.

“Diversion” makes the police slowly disappear near you, reducing your wanted level to one single star for a limited amount of time. “Setup” will spawn a roadblock with two vehicles with their trunks open containing a minigun with 200 shots and an RPG with one rocket.

“Wingman” will spawn a member of the LSCM  nearby who will follow you for a limited amount of time, shooting at every enemy near you. These contracts pay to from $150,000 to $170000 each, and more or less, they will require from 20 to 30 minutes to complete.

With the exception of “The union depository contract” which will grant you a total of $270,000.

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