Base Goku BnB Combos & Basics Guide – DRAGON BALL FIGHTERZ

This guide will provide you with all the buttons, combos, and specials of Goku in Dragon Ball Fighterz season 3.5. 


5L and 5LL are standard buttons. Note that 5LL launches, which can mess with some 2M combos. 5LLL has a massive range; the entire shockwave is a hitbox.

In terms of Mediums, 5M is pretty short but very fast. 2L doesn’t hit low and is shorter than 5L but is identical otherwise. You can use it when 5LL would put the enemy too high.

Base Goku has kept his Protagonist 2MT in Season 3, and it’s still very strong.

You need to be aware of 2H’s poor horizontal range. Aerial buttons are decent, with JM specifically being great for cross-ups.

1/2/3S shoots Ki Blasts from the ground at different distances. 

You can chain any two together before the third one goes into the 2SSS finisher, which hits overhead and gives a sliding knockdown. It can easily be 2H’d on reaction, though, so you need to be careful.

¡S fires a single Ki Blast at a good angle and halts your momentum shortly. Heavy Elbow (236X, Air OK) Light version is mainly used as a blockstring ender. 

Medium and Heavy versions reel back before attacking. 

Heavy Elbow (236X, Air OK) Heavy version will wall bounce additionally. 

Heavy Elbow (236X, Air OK) Medium and Heavy versions also have full invincibility from frame 4-11. 

Back Throw (2147) A command grab. 

Light version is fast and has a decent range.

Back Throw (214), It whiffs from most buttons though due to block stun.

Back Throw (214X) Medium version is slightly slower but has an absurd range.

Back Throw (214) Heavy version goes even further and gives a wall bounce while being as fast as Medium. 

Kamehameha (236S, Air OK) Single hitting beam that can be aimed up or down. 

Spirit Bomb (214S) Charges Spirit Bomb upon first use, then throws it when used again. 

Spirit Bomb (214S) can be held for up to 3 “ticks”, powering up the Spirit Bomb and building meter. A level 3 Spirit Bomb always combo into the Super Spirit Bomb anywhere on the screen. A good time to charge it is after a 2SSS Knockdown. 


“A” Assist 5LLL on command. Massive hit and block stun, which make extensions and confirms easy.

B Assist, no use for combos or neutral, but it will charge a spirit bomb level for Goku and build some bar. It will charge 0.75 Bar per use and 1 Bar when Goku has fully charged his Spirit Bomb. 

C Assist is as fast as a normal beam assist but single hitting, so it can be somewhat hard to combo.


Super Spirit Bomb is extremely damaging but requires setup for most characters to DHC in.

These characters can easily combo into Super Spirit.

Bomb without further setup by using their Supers. With more setup, almost all the characters can combo into it, though. 


A manual super. After Goku powers up, you need to press any of the following buttons to follow up: 5L, 2L, 5M, 2M, 55, 25, and 5H. Finish with R1.

Kaioken Goku gets to do 3 follow-ups with 3 characters alive, 5 with 2 alive, and 7 if Goku is the last man standing, and also the Rl finisher at any point. With at least 1 character down, Goku can also spend another bar for a Kamehameha finisher.

Kaioken Midscreen Routes

Kaioken Route (3 Characters Alive)

5S > 5L > 2S > R1 

Kaioken x3 Route (2 Characters Alive)

5S > 5L > 2L> 2M > 2S> R1 

Kaioken x20 Route (Last Man Standing);

5S >5L> 5S > 2L> 5M 2M > 2S > R1  


Basic Safe Gapless Blockstring 

You can use this string as your foundation.

2L> 5LL > 5M2M > 5H2H > 1236L 

Conditioning Gameplan 

Start by using staggers to ensure they won’t press buttons.

2L> 5LL > 5M2M > 5H2H > j236L 

Conditioning Gameplan 

Then implement command grabs once they’re too scared to mash.

jH > 5LL > 5M > (delay) 2141 

Conditioning Gameplan 

1S frame traps vanishes and any other button but is unsafe, so don’t just end on it.

jH > 2L > 5LL > 5M > 1SSS  

Conditioning Gameplan  

With an assist or Vanish, you can get a full combo off ISSS.

Conditioning Game Plan 

If you can’t hit in on the first string, you need to call an assist and try again.

Here’s the flowchart you’ve all been waiting for.

Midscreen BnB

4185 dmg / 3737 scaled /+1 Bar

2M5M > jMLL2H > SD > jMLL2HjcLLL

Midscreen jS Extension

4505 dmg / 3907 scaled /+1.2 Bar

It’s all always optional

2M5M > jMLL2H > SD > jMLL2Hjc7L(delay)LS > jLLL

j236L Vanish Extension

>200 extra damage

2M5M > jMLL2H > SD > jMLL2HjcLL2H > Vanish > j236L > jLLL

5H Rejump

4115 dmg / 3640 scaled /+0.95 Bar

214 is optional. 3SSS won’t connect if JS is used too early. Mind the air dash after the superdash. 

5M2M > 5H > (delay) SD > 66LS > (land) 2M5H > 5S3SSS > (optional 214S)

Corner BnB Simple

4387 dmg / 3942 scaled /+1.3 Bar

2M > SD > (delay)jM > (delay)jS > (land) 5M > jMLL2H > SD > jMLL2HjcLLL

Corner BnB Advanced

4540 dmg / 4160 scaled /+1.5 Bar

2M5H > (delay) SD > 66jL(delay)jS > 2M5S5H > SD > 66 jL(delay)jS > 2M5SSSS5H > 2SSS > 214S

Corner BnB with Genki

4735 dmg / 4350 scaled /+2 Bar

Mind the backdash after 214S

2M > SD > jMS > 5LLL > SD > 66jLS > 5LLL > 214S > 44 1SSS > 214S

Corner BnB j236H

6038 dmg

2M5M > jMS > j236H > 2M > 214L > 2M5S5H > SD > 66 jL(delay)jS > 5LLL > 236S > Kaioken (5S 5H 5M R1)

214L Corner Confirm

2215 dmg

Vanish has to connect when their back is to the ground

214L > Vanish > (delay) > IAD jM (delay) jS > 2M5S5H > SD > 66 jL(delay)S > 2M5S5H > 2SSS > 214S

214H/236H Midscreen Simple

3240 damage. It is not an optional knockdown, but it’s good enough but works the same off 236H. 

214H/246H > (microdash) 2M5M > jML2HjcLLS > j236S[2]

214H Midscreen Charge

3240 dmg

214H > (land) IAD jM(delay)jS > 2M5H > 5S > 3SSS > 214S

214H Midscreen with Genki

3880 damage

214H > (land, microdash, whiff 5L)LL > 214S > 2SSS 

Vanish Confirm Simple 

2817 damage 

With side switch option depending on timing. 

… > Vanish > (microdash) 5LLL > SD > jML2HjcLLS > j236S[2]

Vanish Confirm Charge

2680 damage, IAD JM(dl)jS is optional. 

… > Vanish > IAD jM(delay)jS > 2M5H > 2SSS > 214S

Sparking Vanish Confirm

5250 damage | +2.2 bar

… > [Vanish] jMS > 66 jMS > 2M5M > jMLL2H > SD > jMLL2Hjc7L(dl)LS > jLLL

2H Punish/Dragon Rush

3905/3127 damage | +0.9/1.6 bar

JS extension optional 

2H/DR > SD > jMLL2Hjc7L(delay)LS > jLLL

Superdash Confirm Simple

2227 damage |+0.5 bar 

SD > jMLjcLLS > j236S[2]

Superdash Confirm Advanced

3287 damage |+1.4 bar

Js extension optional. If airdash is not available, jM(dl)jS also works but is harder.

SD > 66 jL(delay)jS > 2M5M > jMLL2H > SD > jMLL2Hjc7L(delay)LS > jLLL

Assist Combo Example 1 with Safejump (Any Beam)

4932 dmg /4545 scaled | +2.4 bar

7 SD for a backwards jump into SD to keep corner

2M5H > SD > 66jL(dl)jS > 5LLL > A1 > 214S > 5LLL > 214S > 7 SD > jLLL > (whiff jS) > jH

Assist Extension Example 2

5853 damage, 4866 scaled | +1.8 bar 

2M > 2SSS > 236L > A1 > 5LLLLLLL > jS > 2M5M > jLL2HjcLLL > A2 > DR

Sparking Loops

7537 damage |+3 bar

Works off many starters like 2m, 5m, 236L/M and 5H. 

2H/5H > Sparking > (whiff 5L)LL > IAD jLS > 5LLL > IAD jLS > 5LLL >  IAD jLS > 5LLL > 236L > A1 > DR > 236L > Kaioken (5S>5H>5M>R1)

1 Bar TOD Sparkles with Lvl3 Genki

2M5H > 214S >44 1SSS > 236L >A1 >66 5LLL >SD >jML2HjcLLL >A2 >DR >214L > Kaioken (5S 5L 2S R1) Lvl1

1 Bar Limit Break 2H with Lvl1 Genki

2H > Sparking >(whiff 5L)LL >214S >3SSS > 236L >[Vanish] >jMS >66 jMS >2M5M >jML2HjcLLL >Vanish >DR >Kaioken(5S 5L 5S 2L 5M 2M 2S R1 R1)

The 3-Hit Limit Break TOD

[In Sparking] 2M5H > 214S >Super Spirit Bomb

(works without 2M too)

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