BEST Brawlers for Feast or Famine in Showdown Tier list – Brawl Stars

Feast or Famine is an official map in Showdown which can spawn eight powerboxes in the centre and the players will need to collect power cubes. This guide will let you know who are the best brawlers for Feast or Famine in Showdown.


The best brawler for feast or famine is Jacky! Her high health and ability to easily control the middle part of the map is perfect to dominate and kill anyone she wants to kill. Jacky is a fast control brawler, so you need to make kill after kill each time you look at your situation and adapt your moves vs the brawler you try to kill, take them out 1 by 1.

The super of Jacky is only good in quick unexpected situations it helps you to prevent enemies from running away which will guarantee you the kill. Reach close as you can, so when he uses super you just go stand behind him and get the kill! .

You have to control the middle part of the map. Put a lot of pressure at each of the brawlers around you once someone gets too close you take them out! Repeat and do it again!


The second best brawler for feast or famine is Bo! This is the perfect map for him to control and dominate each brawler who comes for you in a super strong way, Bo is a mid range tank, you can use your mines to trap enemies and get kills. Control the mid part till all the boxes are gone don’t worry about tanks, use mines and use yourself as bait let them walk in it and act shy to get a strong dominant kill!

This is why Bo is a mid range tank! Pinch brawlers in long range once they get closer you can tank since Bo has a decent amount of health = easy games. After your kill return back to the center of the map, and kil there who is left, use the walls to always be in the advantage + mines if you have them and = gg.


The next brawler on the list is Sandy , this is the best sandy showdown map! – Perfect to pinch players down and take easy control over the whole mid center of the map or a certain situation with just 1 super. Always go for the side boxes, once that’s done go for the kill on the first brawler you see! Sandy is so strong and still underestimated in battle!

Use super to take control, confuse your enemy, stop him from healing and take out anyone who comes for you like a real assassin. Once a bot is following you, go for a kill. Use super in the middle to take control of the whole area and the bot will target the other enemy who is left which is an easy win for you!


The next best brawler for feast or famine is Bull, always go for the middle of the map, rush it and never be the first player who attacks unless you see a brawler. Look who goes also in it and take them out 1 by 1, Bull can take out a shelly in 2 shots.Once the center is yours make fast charges to make your position even stronger, always use Bull’s super in max range do it quick!

You need to learn how to always go for Crow, they will always try to annoy you and expose your position they are your #1 treat. Use super in max range land right before where the player wanted to go and ggwp!

At the end just find the bot and get the kill xhen the perfect chance appears, don’t make a choice to let the bot follow you. Go for a quick kill.


MR.P is one of the best brawlers for feast or famine, this is the best map to make use of your porter and dominate with it. Always go for the side boxes, take out anyone in long range! The longer in range, the stronger you are! You can use walks to your advantage, place your porter down to slow down and close in multiple targets at once.

Follow your porter to target your next enemy. Always activate your gadget when you do this, to easily get kills and come across more dominant. Once the porter targets the bot and primo comes for you that’s when you finish him off in long range and with walls!


Colt! Be aggressive against anyone who is close to you. Get boxes as fast as you can to start an easy early strong domination of the whole map, use supers as they are fast charging for Colt.

When you see shots coming at you, go for the kill, they are mostly hidden and checking bushes, be fast without mercy, kill other Colts by out running them, learn how to never stand still, dodge and win.

You will have to learn how to fats pinch around walls. When a bot targets you, don’t focus too hard on him or others will come for you, sometimes shoot and get him lower. Enemies do not expect you to be this agro! Always check each bush or you will get surprised.


Shelly! Early control over the center of the map is key for winning with her. Once you do that, you can take anyone down who comes for you, don’t waste all your time on the boxes, they are a perfect bait.

Look for enemies and know when to destroy a wall to reach them or you will be out damaged very quickly, be fast and don’t wait too long, quick choices = quick wins!


The last brawler on the list is Mortis. He is really strong and dominating. Use boxes as shields, always get a few boxes on the side then focus on the middle and use your gadget on opening more boxes if that helps. Mortis has a huge advantage versus everyone who comes for the boxes. He can just dash through it while they destroy the boxes and take all the damage!

Don’t be afraid to tank with mortis when you have super ready or when your super is 1 shot away from being ready.

Target each thrower for the memes – know that where there is a jessie turret full hp there is a jessie hiding from someone! Know and recognise the situation!! You must know when to go for kills and don’t walk away from your target! Take everything out 1by1.

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