Bloodrayne 2 Terminal Cut Cheat Codes

BloodRayne 2 is a true next-generation action game that resurrects the “vampiric” heroine and her explosive combat style. The new environments, enhanced lighting and shadows, and hair-raising enemies offer an immersive experience in a way that’s rarely seen on any platform.

Active Codes

Whiskey Fake Kablow ShootUse it to get All Guns to cheat
Blank Ugly Pustule EaterUse it to get All powers to cheat
Cargo Fire Imp KakUse it to get Carnage Points to cheat
Dodge This Moist PimpUse it to get Enemies to explode and cheat
DODGE THIS MOIST PIMPUse it to get Extra gibs cheat
NAKED JUGGY RESISTANCE PACYUse it to get Fill Bloodlust cheat
Blue Green Purple ImpUse it to get Freeze Enemies to cheat
Uber Taint Joad Durf KwisUse it to get God mode cheat
Late Nurture Qweef SuperUse it to get Gun Experience cheat
Ugly Dark Heated Orange QuaffUse it to get Infinite ammo cheat
TERMINAL REALITY SUPER UBER XXX VACATEUse it to get an Infinite health cheat
Pimp Reap Dark Dark MuseUse it to get an Infinite rage cheat
Fake Bust Cunningly DistortedUse it to get a Juggy mode cheat
ANOMALIES ARE JUAN INSULATEDUse it to get Level Select cheat
PENSION REAP SUPER VULGARUse it to get Movies to cheat
NURTURE HAPPY PUSTULE ERASUREUse it to get Restore Health to cheat
RedRayneRulesUse it to get a Secret Message
Quantum Lament Distorted DotingUse it to get a Time Factor cheat
QUANTUM LAMENT DISTORTED DOTINGUse it to get a Time Factor cheat
Pimp Reap Dark Dark MuseUse it to get an Unlimited Rage cheat
Bone This Curry VoteUse it to get Unlock All Combos to cheat
Want This Dark Reality Taint QweefUse it to get Unlock Everything cheat
Whack Lick Erotic CunninglyUse it to get Unlock Outfits cheat
THIS DARK DISTORTED REALITYUse it to get Unlock Overlord cheat
ARDENT HUNGRY NAKED NINJAUse it to get Unlock slideshows to cheat