In collaboration with Silicon Studio, Fairy’s Effect will be launched some time next year. This Fantasy RPG is going to be available on iOS and AndroidJapan.

No further news was shared in Fairy’s Effect official Twitter Account aside from an upcoming Beta Test. Developers are asking for players who want to play early to follow their Twitter Account with their real accounts. The closed beta is to open soon in the Japan Region. The first 5,000 pre-registered participants will be accommodated for the testing. Further information of the game’s features, upcoming events, and more are yet to be posted in this account, according to Square Enix

Bravely Default Quick Check (Origins):

Bravely Default is Square Enix’s entry in the 3DS platform in the year 2012. The game was a big hit in Japan making its first version get an extended story that was soon released in 2013 and 2014. The game was handed out to various regions such as Europe, Australia, and North America. Its official sequel was released last year in Japan. While global versions were issued this year in different parts of the globe.

The game is an RPG that lets player compose a team, consisting of four members, accomplishing quests mainly in the world of Luxendarc.

Bravely Default Fairy’s Effect:

Judging from the past versions of the game, Bravely Default Fairy’s Effect will likely continue to dominate in the gaming world. The game’s reputation is well-received and good enough to make it well-known in different sites of the globe. Bravely Default’s community is already built, creating the series easier to attract players.

Though the upcoming mobile version is exclusive to Japan right now, we have high hopes that an English or Global Version will soon be available. We just need to have our fingers crossed!

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