Cheapest Way To Clear Farm – Last Day on Earth: Survival

This brief guide will let you know the Cheapest Way To Clear A Farm (NooB To Pro Max!) in the Last Day on Earth: Survival game.

You will need a simple armor set, two spears for the ravager, three melees, and 1 Glock, in a case like raiders or deceased wolves.

You don’t need to exit the farm; stay in the middle of these two stones, and the savage giant’s agro will be reset!

Diseased wolf! It would be best if you used a Glock to kill it.

You don’t need to kill savage giants; just check the blue box! Check all sides to find it. Don’t kill savage giants; kill those rotten yokels.

When you see the blue box, kill the savage giants; otherwise, you will not get the blue box. Dealing with two is a bit hard because these two are not punching at the same time! You have to change your position and armor.

It’s better to undress because ravager deals a lot of damage to armor while spitting! First, make it spitting and then just run around and hit twice; that’s it!

Let him spit for a while till he gets dead. Now you have to kill all the fast biters and rotten yokels!

And then go for the blue box.

The barn door doesn’t open every time.

Wait for all the savage giants. Let them come near the box. First, loot all the storage, then go for the main box.

After looting all the storage, it is suggested to go home to put the loot in your base!

Agro all the giants, no need to kill those. Ga tank! Most of the time, you can get a gas tank from here!

Rare machete blueprints! So these were some cheapest tips and tricks to clear the farm.


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