Most OP Glitches Found In The Jailbreak Season 6

This guide will provide you with the top 7 best glitches in Roblox Jailbreak Season 6 update. These are all insane glitches that you can do in your game.   

Table of Contents

    No.7 Use Weapons While Driving   

    You will need to make your way to any gun store as either a cop or criminal for the first glitch.

    Once there, go inside the gun store and equip any weapon you want to glitch. 

    It is recommended to equip any automatic weapon because they are better. Then exit the gun store and open your mobile garage like normal. 

    After that, you have to scroll through and find any vehicle you want to use while shooting guns. It is suggested spawning small vehicles like bikes or ATVs since it works better. 

    Once spawned, you will need to exit the driver seat and equip your chosen glitch gun. Disable the weapon camera lock just like you normally would, and you can do this by pressing the ‘V’ key or using the in-game setting.

    But while disabled, you have to drop your selected weapon by pressing the small red icon beside it, then head back to your chosen vehicle and drive over the dropped weapon. Finally, you will need to hold E to collect the weapon, and you should be able to shoot also. 

    As you can see, while driving the Volt bike, you can use UZI just like normally. 

    This glitch is insane since you can shoot other players while also driving.  It makes it a great way to pop police tires while getting shot to escape.  

    It is suggested to try this glitch the next time you have any weapon. Also, you can use guns on other types of vehicles. It includes all vehicles like helicopters, planes, boats and even trucks. To do this, first head over and grab any weapon you want to use once again. 

    Once equipped, make your way outside and disable the camera lock again; you can do this again by pressing V or using the settings. While disabled, head over to any different type of vehicle you want to use. When the vehicle drops your weapon again, you have to equip it right after.

    After picking the weapon, you can now use it and damage the players while in any vehicle. Just remember to disable the weapon camera lock before dropping your chosen gun. 

    No. 6 Bank Noclip Glitch 

    To do this next glitch, you first have to open the Roblox homepage and go under your Avatar. Navigate to body scale and max out all sliders to become tall. 

    Make sure the body type and all scales are maxed, or the glitch won’t work. Once maxed, you have to close the window and swap back to the prisoner team again. 

    Now, you will need to make your way out of prison and escape just like you normally would.  

    Once outside, spawn any vehicle and make your way towards the bank robbery. 

    After that, go to the bank and stand between the main door and the poles. Look down towards the ground in the first person and press the Crawl button. 

    While crawling, you have to zoom back into the third person and look towards the ground.

    Then zoom into the first person and hold down your jump. This glitch is fairly hard to do and may require a few tries before it works. But after some tries, you can noclip through and get inside the bank. 

    Go downstairs to open the vault and start collecting money. This glitch is very useful to do since you can start robbing with no key. 

    It is recommended to try this glitch the next time the bank robbery is opened.

    No. 5 Flying Volt Bike Glitch 

    For the Flying Volt Bike Glitch, you will need to make your way over to any gun store on the map. 

    Then enter inside the gun store and get yourself max C4.

    Max C4 is not required for this glitch; however, it may take a few tries, then head over to the dealership and get yourself a volt bike. You can also spawn the volt bike. 

    You have to find an uneven surface to use for this glitch; these surfaces include bridges, dock ramps, train stations and more. Once there, you will need to back your volt bike off the surface, so the wheel is hanging. 

    After that, exit your volt bike and stand below the bike’s back wheel. 

    Next, zoom into the first person and place one single C4 explosive. 

    If placed incorrectly, the C4 will land outside your wheel, and you will be unable to fly; it means you need to explode the C4 and try placing it back again. If placed correctly, the explosive will be inside the wheel instead of out. Now, you will need to enter the volt bike, and you can also fly while driving. 

    As you can see, interacting with any slope launches the volt bike into the air fast.

    This glitch makes it great for getting around quickly since you fly over anything.

    Just remember to place your C4 directly under the back wheel for this glitch.

    No. 4  Working Jet Ski On Land Glitch

    You have to make your way over and get any helicopter you want to do the next glitch.

    With your helicopter, head over to any jet ski spawn location on the map.   

    Once there, you have to lower the helicopter rope and attach the jet ski to it normally. 

    Then make your way over to any waterfall around the jailbreak map. It is suggested going to either the one beside the camping cops or the town shops.

    But once there, you need to drop the jet ski into the water and enter the driver seat.

    Now, you want to drive out of the water onto the grass right below. Make sure not to land in the water, or you have to redo this, but if you land on the grass beside, your jet ski should be working. 

    Now you can drive around extremely fast just with the jet ski. This glitch becomes great for getting around fast. 

    No. 3 Power Plant Robbery Skip  

    To do this next glitch, you will need to go to the power plant on the criminal team. 

    They will hack the outside computer and make their way in the robbery. 

    Once downstairs, you have to open the main computer but won’t start hacking quite yet. 

    Instead, make your way back up the conveyer until you are halfway. 

    But once halfway, you have to finish hacking the computer just like you normally do. Once finished, walk into the small rock crack and wait for no sounds. 

    Once the conveyer sound stops, you have to walk back inside, and you will be teleported. 

    After teleporting outside, you can head for the volcano and then finish robbing the power plant without the obby. 

    It makes it an easy way to get 6k for each robber easier and instantly.  

    No. 2 Prisoner Guard Dog 

    To do this second last glitch, you first have to go to the pet shop as a criminal.

    After getting there, you have to choose either dog you want to glitch. 

    After that, open up the adopt menu but don’t press the Re-advert option.  

    Instead, go under the Roblox settings and navigate to the option of resetting yourself. 

    Now, you have to reset and quickly re-adopt your dog exactly 5 seconds after it. 

    After adopting the dog again, it will spawn in prison with you. 

    This glitch makes it a great way to get dogs early inside your cell to assist in exiting.

    As you are on the prisoner team, the dog will have a special colour. You are unable to get an orange name unless you try doing this glitch. 

    Just remember to press re-adopt exactly five seconds after resetting.  

    No. 1 C4 Launch Glitch 

    You will need to make your way over to any gun store once again for the final glitch. 

    Once there, get yourself as many C4 explosives as you want.  

    It is highly suggested that you buy lots of C4 since the more you have, the better, and then head over to any bench or seat. These seats include foldable chairs, benches, regular seats and more. 

    After that, choose any bench or seat you want to use for the glitch and sit. Equip your C4 while sitting, repetitively place and then explode it.

    Make sure you’re placing the explosive directly below you for it to work. 

    But once finished, unequip the C4 and jump out of the bench to get launched.    

    You will be able to easily jump insanely high with it. This glitch combined with the glider makes it a great way to get around quickly.

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