Chocolate Castle Review

Chocolate Castle comes from the minds of a small company based in Wellington, Lexaloffle. This company has constructed a brilliant game that for a small price can be downloaded straight to your computer via their website. Chocolate Castle is a new type of puzzle game that makes the player consider and plan their route before making a move. It may not have ground breaking graphics or music but it has got a lot of character…and chocolate.

The basics of the game consist of the player linking chocolate pieces together so that a small creature can gobble it up and move you on to the next level. There is a large number of variety between levels – the concept remains the same but the amount of thought required increases. It may just be that you have to move the pieces of chocolate around in a particular order or create a complex chain reaction that will lead to victory.

The most rewarding part of Chocolate Castle is when the player completes a level successfully. Balloons and glitter shoot up the screen and funky 8-bit music sounds your triumphant passing. This game would be absolutely perfect for children since it is addictive, rewarding, and stimulating. You could even have it on your computer at work for a quick lunch break puzzle fix.

The level of difficulty is very forgiving on the lowest setting – which is perfect for children. However if you turn the difficulty onto it’s highest setting you will quickly experience a few moments of total frustration as the puzzles get incredibly challenging. If you get tired of the levels provided you can easily make one of your own. The game features an easy-to-use level creator that even a six year old could use. The player could create a simple challenge for their child or an advanced course to challenge their workmates.

With over a hundred levels and the ability to build your own; Chocolate Castle is guaranteed to provide hours of fun and challenge to anyone of any age. This title is an amazing achievement by Lexaloffle and would make any patriotic Wellingtonian put their hand on their heart and shed a tear of pride. Congratulations, Lexaloffle. Your remarkable work may be the first step to seeing New Zealand games recognized by the international gaming community.

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