Creatures Abilities – Creatures of Sonaria

In this guide, you will learn all the abilities of creatures in Creatures of Sonaria. 

1. Creature name: Doragonix

The active ability of this creature is called Autotomy. This creature can shed its tail (by pressing”q” on PC, useability on mobile), he will run faster to escape the quick predators. However, its max hp will decrease.

This ability is similar to what some geckos and lizards do in real life; they can shed their tails off to distract predators and flee. 

His tail grows back when you press “Q” again. Regrowing the tail uses up almost all of its hunger, so players should ensure there’s food nearby. 

Check this out and find it interesting. You can eat your tail if you are starving and have no food to eat. It is very useful and gives you extra time to find food.   

So once you find food, you can regrow your tail again!

2. Creature name: Kehmador, The Gentle Beasts 

The active ability of this creature is called Radiation. By pressing the Q button (or use ability’ on mobile) the Kehmador can emit Radiation, which will poison other creatures within its vicinity. With the poisoning worsening, the closer other creatures come towards Kehmador. You have to press Q again to stop the Radiation.

Area-Of-Effect (AOE) can go from 0.25 per tick from afar to 0.5 per tick around mid-range and finally going to 0.75 per tick when close. It does not affect packmates or other poisonous creatures. 

This guide will show you the actual “AOE” range, this afar area effect 0.25, 

mid-range effect 0.50 the closer effect 0.75. 

Kehmador will emit radiation inside the den. 

3. Creature name: Ahola 

The passive ability of this creature is called Necro Poison. It is a subtype of poison that affects the visual and locomotion of a creature, unlike poison.

It comprises three levels of severity, just as most ailments shown in the picture, with losing your sense of direction rather than causing bleeding.

You have necro poison! Sit or lay down to heal it off. It blurs your vision and causes colour blindness, causes confusion, and tunnel vision. It also causes bleeding every 3 seconds. Keep note, this stacks, and gets worse over time. One bite does not equal one point, like bleed, it instead starts at one and stacks the more you move.

The first level causes colour inverting. (1-10), the second level causes tunnel vision and inverted controls. 

The third level causes bleed. (21-30), it is so brutal!

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