Crewmates Codes 2022

Crewmates is a very popular game on the Roblox platform that will task the players to take the role of an imposter or crewmate. The goal of the imposter is to kill the crewmates, and the crewmate will need to complete different tasks and find out the imposters. 

Active Codes

100KUse it to get a suitcase pet and a fancy suit skin
999IQUse it to get Sherlock Holmes skin and magnifying glass
IMPOSTORPACKUse it to get impostor skin and knife
MINICREWMATEUse it to get a mini crewmate hat
POPITSUSUse it to get Pop It rainbow skin
PUMPKINHEADUse it to get a pumpkin hat
SQUIDGAMEUse it to get Squid Game pet and skin

Where do I redeem codes in Crewmates?

You will need to follow the step below to redeem the codes in Crewmates:

To get the reward, open up your screen and click on the gift button icon. Then, enter the code in the box and hit redeem.

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