Delivery Crate Guide for ARK: Extinction

In this guide, you will find everything you need to know about Delivery Crates in ARK: Extinction

The delivery crate is a new item that will be available at level 16 of our extinction, and it does deliver things from one location to another to make it.

You will need to have a gas bag bladder; you can find the gasbags in the wastes outside the city. When you get there, you have to kill a few of them, and after some time, you will get a gas bag bladder. The other materials are easy to find.

Using the delivery crate is more complex than you expect, and it would be hard to find where you can place it. You have to make sure that there’s a lot of airspace above it. So there can’t be any overhanging cliffs or buildings that make it hard to use in the city, but once you place it and tell it where to go, you have to place map markers by pressing P on PC. 

You can manually type in latitude and longitude and a marker name, and that will give you an option of a place for the delivery crate to go. Go to the context wheel of delivery Creek and find that the locations are now available. So you have to select the map markers. Click on deploy balloon ten you will see that the balloon will start to inflate your hand and fly off into the air. 

Once it gets up into the air, it will go vertical, and its speed will be slower. Once it reaches the height, it will start flying sideways toward the location. The delivery crate is unique; it can shoot out of the air.

The landing isn’t precisely exact since it uses whole numbers for the latitudes and longitudes. Hence, you have to use a GPS and have a particular landing site by standing at a completely numbered latitude and longitude.

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