Toughest Minecraft Achievements

This guide will find the top 10 toughest Minecraft Achievements that are impossible to complete. You will also learn how to get them in the game easily. 

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    Sleep with Fishes 

    In this achievement, you have to spend one Minecraft day underwater. You will also need to have three water breathing potions, so craft them first. Then you have to upgrade them to work for eight minutes, and you can easily get this achievement. To make a water breathing potion, you must know how to brew it in Minecraft. 

    You can also use Air bubbles to complete this achievement if you cannot get a water breathing potion. 

    Master Trader 

    To complete this achievement, you need to trade one thousand emeralds. You can grind many things in Minecraft; you need to grind for this achievement. It requires a lot of your game time to complete.

    Moskstraumen Minecraft

    To get this achievement, you need to craft a single-player Conduit with a specific shell and the sea shell’s heart. The other player will make a structure with prismarine, prismarine bricks, dark prismarine and sea lanterns around the conduit. 

    And if you make this structure correctly, then the conduit will activate, and the player around it will also get buffed. So if any player gets in contact with rain or water, then his oxygen, underwater mining efficiency and underwater night vision will also get buffed up. The conduit will also attack hostile mobs to protect you, and it is very difficult to achieve, as shown in the image below.  

    Cover me in Debris

    You need to have full netherite armor set in your inventory to complete this achievement. You will also need to equip it while progressing in the game. It is a time-consuming achievement because you need to discover netherite ingots and then use them to make your armor.

    Rainbow collection 

    To complete this achievement, you need to gather sixteen different colours of wool. You can easily find most of the wool, but you need to dye the wool with colour for some colours, and plants are the best option for gathering dyes.

    On a Rail 

    To complete this achievement, you need to move in a single direction for five hundred meters on a rail track using Minecart. Each block in Minecraft is one meter long, so it means you need to have five hundred rails, and also, you need to make sure to go in a single direction from where you start. If you find an ocean or mountain, you need to make sure to make your way and not change your direction to complete this achievement. 

    Adventuring Time 

    To complete this achievement, you have to explore all seventeen biomes in the game. To find all of these, you need to explore everything in the Minecraft world, and the best way to do it is by using the horse and start travelling to every single direction of the map to get this achievement. 

    Super Sonic 

    To complete this achievement, you need to go through elytra at forty miles per second. This task is difficult to complete with elytra because it is very hard to find in the game’s world, and when you find it, you can complete the achievement, as shown in the image below.


    To complete this achievement, you need to make a beacon, and the beacons are the rarest end game treasure, and it is not very easy to find one. It will provide multiple boosts to nearby players; to make this, you need to have up to twenty-five hundred iron ingots. This achievement will use all of your inventory items, and also you will need to have skills and do more grinding to get this achievement, as shown in the image below.

    Taking Inventory 

    To complete this achievement, you need to open your inventory by pressing E from the PC. 

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