Esmeralda Sidelane Tips & Tricks – Mobile Legends

In this guide, you will get the pro tips and tricks for the new Esmeralda Sidelane in Mobile Legends. These tips will help you out while playing the game with Esmeralda.  


Emeralda deals both magic and physical damage in her basic attack.

First skill: 

The first skill of Emeralda allows her to generate 500 points of shield and increases 40 percent movement speed that lasts 4s. Meanwhile, she absorbs and transforms the enemy’s shields into her own. 

Second skill:

She waves stardust and frost moon, dealing 210 physical and magic damage. 

Also, it lowers down the CD of her first skill. It reduces the enemy’s movement speed by 10 percent for 1.5s.


She casts stardust dealing physical damage and sends herself to a designated location to cast frost moon, dealing magic damage.

Also, immobilizing enemies in the area for 1.2s.

The longer the duration lasts, the greater the damage will be. 


Combo: 1+3+2+(spam 1st and 2nd skill)

Build, Emblem and spell:

You can use this build most of the time (R7 Build). 

It is the Emblem that works pretty well. 

You can use Flickr or purify depending on the enemy comp.

You have to make sure to build an enchanted talisman as your first item. 

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