Exos Heroes Tier List 2022 (Best Characters)

Exos Heroes is a role-playing game specially designed for mobile phones. There are more than 250 heroes; you have to pick them up and engage your opponents in turn-based battles. Download Exos Heroes now and mesmerize yourself with the fantastic gameplay. 

Rachel (Fire) and Garp (Light) are the most prominent characters in tier S. These are the best heroes; they have strong stats and valuable addition to the team. The leading characters in tier A are Baraka (Mecha) and Bernadette (Frost), and they provide good buffs to the entire team.

Jinai (Nature) and Anastasia (Frost) are the B-tier heroes. They obviously shouldn’t be your first choice but act as good backups for the A-Tier heroes. An excellent option to fill up your team. Sabrina (Fire) and Bernabas (Mecha) rank in C tier. They are midway heroes, not too good, not too bad. Some heroes in tier D are Talia (Nature) and Ramge (Healer). They are pretty weak and should be your last option to fill up your team. Magi (Fire) and Bailesh (Shadow) rank in the F tier; they are the weakest heroes in the game. 

Table of Contents

    S Tier

    Rachel (Fire)
    Garp (Light)

    A Tier

    Baraka (Mecha)
    Bernadette (Frost)
    Shufraken (Shadow)
    Xiakhan (Frost)

    B Tier

    Jinai (Nature)
    Anastasia (Frost)
    Emma (Shadow)
    Uloom (Mecha)

    C Tier

    Sabrina (Fire)
    Bernabas (Mecha)
    Chati (Nature)
    Rudley (Nature)

    D Tier

    Talia (Nature)
    Ramge (Healer)
    Mahar (Mecha)

    F Tier

    Magi (Fire)
    Bailesh (Shadow)
    Shell (Mecha)
    Valar (Nature)

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