Fastest Leveling Method in One Punch Man Destiny/A Hero’s Destiny

This guide will let you know how you can level up fast in One Punch Man Destiny. It will also show you the location of each boss. 

You will find the Quest Giver for criminals in the location, as shown in the image below. 

Right across from the quest giver is where criminals spawn. It is where the criminals are.

Now we have a Hammerhead. 

It is where the quest giver for Hammerhead is located; ignore the paradisers. 

Anyways here is the location where Hammerhead spawns. 

The next is Sea Folks; you are probably wondering why not sea king, well the sea king is a waste of time. Here is the quest giver for sea folks quests. 

The sea folks are easy to bait and kill, while sea kings are not easy to bait and kill at all. It is where the sea folks are located. 

Now move on to Mosquito Girl because none of the other bosses are easy to bait. Fly towards the quest giver; he will give the mosquito girl quest.

If you fly across the grass area, you will be able to find her.  

Anyways this is where Mosquito Girl is located. 

The next boss will be Carnage Kabuto. Again, you will need to fly towards the quest. It is where you will be able to find the quest giver for Kabuto. 

If you fly through this grassy area, you’ll find this metal door, enter into it. 

It is where you will find the one and only Kabuto bug thing. 

Next up is Gouketsu, his quest giver is located right over here. 

Also, Gouketsu spawns right beside the quest giver. 

The next is Boros. You have to fly quite far to get to him. Anyways here is where the quest giver for Boros is located. 

If you fly just across the rocky area, you will find a Boros ship. And here’s where Boros spawns. 

Now the next boss is Charanko. Charanko’s quest giver is pretty much at an abnormal level. It will be easy to find. You will be greeted with a nice punch from Charanko.

Psykos is the next boss. The quest giver is right near Charanko’s, it’s near the city side area. In Front of the quest giver is the grassy arena where Psykos is located. 

Psykos range is quite big, so watch out for that when getting close to her. 

The last boss is Saitama, the quest giver is so far away, so you’ll need to fly far. 

Another part of leveling up fast is when you first start at around Crank. You should spend one night or day setting a macro to spam “z”, so you will be at max agility. 

Anyways here we are at Saitama’s quest giver.

If you go up here, you will be at the Saitama spawn location. 

But Saitama is an even boss, so he only spawns every 4 minutes and stays for 90 seconds. Anyways you will be grinding Saitama for a long time to get to the deity. 

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