FF Brave Exvius -Trance Terra 6 – Star Profile Review


Originally, Final Fantasy VI’s Terra has always appeared as a character with a lot of magic attacks at her disposal. Of course, when you have played the original game, you will know that Terra has gone to 3 different phases. First, when she was an emotionless General for the Empire. Next, when she was the Terra we are all familiar with. And lastly, when she transforms into her Trance state – a display of her Esper powers in full circle.

Nonetheless, it seems Square Enix decided to include the 3 phases of Terra in Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius. The Magitek Terra unit was given to people who pre-registered the game. The normal Terra and this new one, Trance Terra, are the two Terra(s) you can get in-game.

Now that Trance Terra is available in the GL version of Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius, let’s look at her stats and profile. After that, you can check whether she is the magic user you have been waiting for should in case she gets released on the Global version. One thing’s for sure, as of 4/20/2017, she’s the best magic user until Dark Fina gets her enhancements, which will take a long time to happen.

FFBE Trance Terra Guide:

FFBE Trance Terra Stats:

  1. Trance Terra at 5

    • HP (2631)
    • MP (143)
    • ATK (96)
    • DEF (92)
    • MAG (115)
    • SPR (100)

    2. Trance Terra at 6

    • HP (3421)
    • MP (186)
    • ATK (125)
    • DEF (120)
    • MAG (150)
    • SPR (130)

FFBE Trance Terra’s Limit Break| Riot Blade Trance:

– Deals damage to all enemies and overrides their magic defenses.
– Attack increased by 270%, ignores the target’s SPR by 50%.
– Attack increased by 390%, ignores the target’s SPR by 50%.

Trance Terra’s Limit Break is awesome because it is a 9-hit combo. At 6-Stars, the attack damage is over 780%! Fill her Limit Gauge and I’m sure majority of the enemies will be killed or almost within a punch or two to get knocked out.

Despite her insane magic capabilities, Trance Terra suffers from mediocre HP even for a 6-star unit. You need to equip items to boost her HP to help offset that. Also, please note that her DEF is pretty ok for mage but of course you need to protect her. Exdeath can equip some of the best armors unlike Trance Terra. Once you’ve got her optimized, then you are all set to go and you won’t have to worry about her low DEF and HP.

FFBE Trance Terra Special Abilities:

Rarity 5:

• Dual Black Magic – Unlocks at Level 1. This can enable Trance Terra to use black magic twice in one turn.

• Chaos Wave – Unlocks at Level 80 (35 MP). This can deal 1.8x Magic Damage with AoE Ignore SPR (50%). If you use Chaos Wave after Magical Activation: 3.6x Magic Damage with AoE Ignore SPR (50%).

Rarity 6:

• Maduin Guard – Unlocks at Level 91 (30 MP). AoE increased resistance to Fire, Ice, and Lightning for 3 turns to allies.

• Magical Activation – Unlocks at Level 100 (25 MP). This will increase MAG and SPR by 80% for 3 turns to caster.

Trance Terra‘s special abilities are why she makes an excellent Magical Damager. Of course, she can support with cure spells and Full-Life. But Trance Terra is first and foremost a magical attacker. Chaos Wave is very powerful. Dual Black Magic will ensure that you can deal twice the magic damage in one turn.

FFBE Trance Terra Magic Abilities:

Rarity 5:

• Cura – Unlocks at Level 1 (7 MP). AoE Heal 400HP, 3x.

• Fira – Unlocks at Level 1 (9 MP). AoE 1.4x Fire Damage.

• Blizzara – Unlocks at Level 1 (9 MP). AoE 1.4x Ice Damage.

• Thundara – Unlocks at Level 1 (9 MP). AoE 1.4x Lightning Damage.

• Graviga – Unlocks at Level 50 (20 MP). AoE 75% HP Damage.

• Firaga – Unlocks at Level 50 (20 MP). AoE 1.8x Fire Damage.

Rarity 6:

• Holy – Unlocks at Level 30 (35 MP). AoE 2.3x Light Damage.

• Ultima – Unlocks at Level 42 (60 MP). AoE 2.8x Magic Damage with ignore SPR (25%).

• Raise – Unlocks at Level 49 (12 MP). Revive one KO’d ally with 30% HP.

• Full-Life – Unlocks at Level 62 (20 MP). A move that can Revive a fallen ally with 100% HP.

FFBE Trance Terra Passives:

  • SPR +20% – Unlocks at 5★ Level 10• Omen – Unlocks at 5★ Level 21. This can give her a chance to Evade Physical Damage Taken at 30% rate.• Auto-Refresh – Unlocks at 5★ Level 68. This passive will have her Recover 5%MP per turn.• Guardian Mog – Unlocks at 5★ Level 75. Cures all ailments after battle.• MAG +30% – Unlocks at 5★ Level 80.• Inherited Power – Unlocks at 6★ Level 1. This will increase MAG and SPR by 30%. This will also increase resistance to Silence by 100%

    • MP +30% – Unlocks at 6★ Level 76.

Recommended Esper:


By equipping Ramuh with Trance Terra, you won’t have to worry about using all your MP since it will auto-regenerate. Plus he will also increase her magical powers.

After comparing my opinions with a few other players from the Japanese version I have to say that she’s a good catch. If you manage to summon her quickly, awaken her to 6-Stars and then work on maxing her level so you can cast Full-Life.

With her killer Limit Break and super helpful Magic and Special Abilities, she will be a valuable asset to any FFBE team. Compared to Terra, if you have a good healer, then Trance Terra is the best option.

Alright, that covers everything on Trance Terra from Stats to Limit Breaks and so on.

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