Carbuncle literally means red gemstone in archaic. It is widely popular and appeared on numerous Final Fantasy franchise. Carbuncle, now landed on Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius and we will teach you how to unlock and defeat it!

Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius is a mobile RPG game by Gumi and Square Enix. It is a take on a classic RPG style with the iconic Final Fantasy flare. Players can unlock Final Fantasy characters and use them in their party by means of gacha.

FFBE: Carbuncle Guide

1★ Carbuncle – Level 30

HP: 2200
MP: 4000
ATK: 1200
DEF: 2400
MAG: 2800
SPR: 4000

Summon Effect – Reflect Magic damage done to all allies.

BarblizzardIce+30% Ice Resist for 3 turns3
Cure■■■ST -150 HP Heal w/ 3x Mod3
BarfireFire+30% Fire Resist for 3 turns3
BarthunderThunder+30% Thunder Resist for 3 turns3
Banish Light120% ST Magic Attack3
Shell Light+20% SPR for 3 turns4

2★ Carbuncle – Level 40

HP: 3200
MP: 5700
ATK: 1800
DEF: 3200
MAG: 4300
SPR: 6000

Summon Effect – Reflect Magic damage done to all allies.

DispelRemove Enemy Buff7
CuraAoE —400 HP Heal w/ 3x Mod7
BarblizzaraIce+50% Ice Resist for 3 turns (AOE)12
BarfiraFire+50% Fire Resist for 3 turns (AOE)12
BarthundaraThunder+50% Thunder Resist for 3 turns (AOE)12
DeshellDark-20% SPR for 3 turns4
ProtectLight+20% DEF for
3 turns
DeprotectDark-20% DEF Debuff for 3 turns4
Last Stand+20% DEF/SPR when HP drops below 30%

Carbuncle Effects:

1* Carbuncle+16(0)+25(0)+8(0)+18(0)+15(0)+25(0)
2* Carbuncle+35(+1)+57(0)+18(0)+32(0)+43(+1)+60(+3)

How To Unlock FFBE Carbuncle

Step 1: Make sure you cleared Temple of Water.

Step 2: Go to the village of Amur.

Step 3: Talk to the man on the picture above with 1.

Step 4: Explore the cave on the upper right side of the map. Defeat 2 monsters with easy – average difficulty.

Step 5: Go to the image with the number 2 and talk to Carbuncle.

Step 6: Go back to the man you talked to on the image with the number 1.

Step 7: Exit the Town.

Step 8: Welcome to Carbuncle’s Forest!

How to Defeat FFBE Carbuncle

Carbuncle‘s reflect damage ability can be a nuisance, make sure to use a good Melee Team. It can heal itself for 90,000 so expect a long fight. A character that can use revive can help out. Bring lots of Antidote and Esuna to counter its Biora. Full Breaker is recommended too.

Carbuncle is a Healer/Supporter and can be unlocked on Olderion (5th island). The color of its magicite is white and can cast Reflect on all allies.

Good luck in getting your new Healer Esper!

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