Fire Emblem Heroes | Linde Guide, Analysis, & Inherit Skills

Wielder of Aura Magic, Linde from the first Fire Emblem game is coming to Fire Emblem Heroes.

As the daughter of Miloah, Linde is targeted by Gharnef, her father’s rival. After the time when peace is about to end again, she was entrusted with the titular Fire Emblem, who she then gave to Marth.

Linde is Blue Tome Unit with a 5-star rarity. Her movement speed is that of an infantry.

Linde | Fire Emblem Heroes Guide

  • Rarity: 5★
    • Color Type: Blue
    • Weapon Type: Blue Tome
    • Mode of Travel: Infantry

    Base Statistics (5
    ):• Base HP: 16• ATK: 23• SPD: 10
    • DEF: 4
    • RES: 5

    *Max Statistics (5):
    • Base HP: 35
    • ATK: 49
    • SPD: 39
    • DEF: 14
    • RES: 27

    You can get Linde in a Blue Orb Summon. As a Mage unit, we can compare her to Spring Lucina, another Blue Tome User. Linde blows the competition, especially in the Attack Category. This with the exception of Defense. Linde’s defense is pretty pretty low, making her extremely fragile.


Notable Weapons (might):

  • Thunder (4)
    • ElThunder (6)
    • Thoron (9)
    • Aura (14)

    Aurais a pretty powerful skill that also heals 5HP to adjacent allies anytime Linde initiates an attack. Aura is a skill only Linde can learn in Fire Emblem Heroes at the time we wrote this article.

Special Skills:

  • Night Sky
    • Glimmer

    Both Night Sky and Glimmer can grant +50% to damage dealt. Glimmer on the other hand has a faster cooldown at 3.

Passives Skills:

• Speed (1/2/3)

This skill grants +1, +2, or +3 to the unit.

• Fortify (1/2/3)

This Passive Skill allows Linde to raise the resistance of her allies.


  • Ardent SacrificeLinde can heal 10 HP to target but she will lose 10HP. She will not however, deplete all of her HP this way.

Linde | Recommended Inherit Skills

  • Swift Sparrow
    Type of Skill: Passive
    Hero: Spring Lucina
    This skill grants SPD and ATK Boost if Linde will initiate the combat.

    • Rauðrblade
    Type of Skill: Weapon
    Hero: Tharja
    This can make the charging of an enemy’s Special Skill longer. It adds an extra 1 turn (cooldown count +1) before they can use their Specials.

    • Desperation
    Type: Passive
    Hero: NavarreThis skill can grant Linde a follow-up attack if her HP is equal or less than (25% / 50% / 75%) and if she initiates the attack.

Linde | Final Evaluation:

There’s no denying that Linde is the top-class mage right now in the game and Spring Lucina is a close second. We think, for whatever it is she’s lacking, the right allies will be able to save her in battles. The Inherit Skills will also extend her usability more.

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