Freight Guide – GTA San Andreas

It is a complete Freight [Freight Date Trophy] guide in GTA San Andreas. It will provide you with everything you need to know about Freight.  

The Side Mission is available after completing “Yay ka-Boom-boom”. And it will most likely unlock the trophy/achievement “Freight Date”.

To start the odd job, you will need to reach the unity station in Los Santos and wait for either a brown streak or a freight train and steal it.

Once aboard, start the mission and begin accelerating towards the next station.

You have to keep your speed around 45 and make sure not to go above 47, or the train will derail.

Mission failed.

Start breaking for the next train station, when the distance is ten times the current speed.

If you’re going 45, you will need to start breaking when the distance is 450.

Cargo Delivered! $150

You should have all the time and speed to reach the target smoothly. If you overshoot, back up.

Cargo Delivered!


You’ll be rewarded $150 for arriving at the first four stations during level 1 with 10 seconds or more left.

Cargo delivered!


$300, if you arrive at the first four stations during level 2, with 10 seconds or more left.

Cargo Delivered! 


You will get an additional bonus of $50,000 as a reward for completing both levels.

Mission Passed $50000

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