How to Do a Standing Dunk in NBA 2K21

This guide will let you know how to do a Standing Dunk in NBA 2K21. Go through the guide and follow the step-by-step instructions to do so. 

First, you will need to find a player with a high-standing dunk rating, so you must select Zion Williamson and press the triangle button. Then you have to press the R1 button from the controller to pull up the icon pass and then press the triangle button to Williamson in the top right corner of the court.

Now you need to drive to the basket slowly. You’ll have a defensive player on you, so that it will be tough. You have to hold down the L2 button to back him down, then you bump away and push away right to the corner, and at this point, you need to take your hand off the L2 button.

After releasing the L2 button, you will see that the player is bumping and taking his hand off L2. The player backs away. Now you need to hold down the R2 button from the controller and press the right analog stick down, and it goes in as a nice easy dunk. It will come in as a standing dunk there if you’ve got the right set-up with a good matchup with a bad defender. 

So now, before you attempt this in a game situation, it is highly recommended you go into practice mode and learn the fundamentals of how to do it.

When you know the controls, you can take your game a step further, so let’s go ahead and start on that right. To perform a standing dunk, all you need to do is hold down R2 and press the right analog stick. Let’s get the ball back, then stand under the rim again, and you want to make sure you have a decent spot. If you’re on the sides, it’s not going to work as likely again. Hold on R2 and repress the right analog stick up, and you will do a dunk right there.

If you’re standing on the sides, it’s most likely not going to work, but again take it to the perfect spot there, then move over a bit more to the right and hold down the R2 button from the controller and press the right analog stick down and you will perform a nice standing dunk in the game. 

For James, you need to press the triangle button to look at rating standing dunk (st dunk rating), So you don’t need a super high rating. There is a floor on which you need to try a Caldwell pope and try JR Smith at 40. Forty will do it. If you get down to 25 or 30, 25 will not work. So try, JR Smith, have him as the practice player; go ahead and hit the confirm button. 

You have to place him in the same spot, then press the R2 button from the controller with the right analog stick down, and you can see he can perform a standing dunk. So it is the best technique to perform this dunk.

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