Furina Guide – Best Furina Build – Genshin Impact

In this guide for Genshin Impact enthusiasts, you’ll discover the optimal setup for Furina, encompassing the most effective artifacts, weapons, and team compositions.

By delving into artifact choices, weapon selections, and team synergies, you can fine-tune Furina’s capabilities within the expansive world of Teyvat, ensuring a formidable presence in your Genshin Impact adventures.

Abilities & Playstyle

Furina is a hydro damage dealer who plays the role of sub-DPS in the team. In normal attacks, she hits the opponent four times and provides physical damage. She has two special effects called Pneuma and Ousia. You can use these effects to deal damage. Furina summons her three hydro pets who deal hydro damage when you use a skill.

Each pet consumes the HP of your party member to improve the damage. The duration of the skills is 30 seconds and the cooldown time is on the lower side.

The hydro application is decent enough and every pet has a different hit time. When you use the charged attack to get herself in the Pneuma form, then she will provide healing to active characters. The downgrade side is that you will need a Healer with Furina as she cannot heal herself. Her ultimate provides a damage bonus and healing bonus to the party members. It costs 60 energy and it lasts for 18 seconds.

You can gain a maximum of 30% healing bonus and 75% damage bonus. You will gain one fanfare point after losing every 1% of HP. When you cast the ultimate, her HP won’t increase or decrease.

When the active character in your party receives healing and the source of healing is not Furina, then she will heal nearby party members for 2% every 2 seconds for four seconds with her first passive skill. The second passive skill boosts damage skills by 28% and lowers the healing interval by 16%. You must have 40,000 HP to activate this skill.

Furina level stats

You must level Furina up to 90 because she is an HP-scaled character. The minimum CR should be 60% and Crit damage should be 150%. If you have a solo, you can go with 160% energy recharge, depending on your weapon.

Best Weapons

When it comes to weapons, your priority must be energy weapons. The Festing Desire (4-star) works best for Furina, you can also use Ferryman, Jade Cutter, 5-start HP sword, and Favonius. You can use the battle pass weapon, Wolf-Fang, and also the Dockhand’s sword. Finally, you have the option to use Skyward Blade which provides 55% energy.

Best Artifacts

The Golden Troupe artifact supports the whole kit of Furina. If you want team support, you can use Tenacity of the Millelith. If you are an early-stage player, then you can use a 4-piece Berserker’s Rose and a 2-piece Gambler’s Brooch. You must put energy and HP in the sand.

You can use HP or Hydro goblet in the goblet, depending on your team combination. You can use any crit damage piece in a circlet.


Whenever you use your ultimate in C2, your HP will increase up to 250% and the fanfare percentage also increases. It will also increase your HP by 40%. Your ultimate level will increase in C3, and C4 is dedicated to energy improvement. C5 will increase Furina’s skill level and C6 can be used to deal hydro damage.

Best Healers & Teams

The beast healers for Furina are Yaoyao, Barbara, Jean, and Kuki Shinobu. They can also help you to generate fanfare points. The best team combinations are Furina, Yaoyao, Kuki Shinobu, and Xingqiu. Furina increases the damage of Xingqiu, Kuki Shinobu is used for the hyper bloom and Yaoyao plays the role of a healer.

The second-best team is Furina, Jean, Kamisato Aayato, and Bennett. The third-best combination is Furina, Nahida, Yaoyao, and Kuki Shinobu. You can also go with Furina, Xingqiu, Jean and Yoimiya. Xingqiu does damage reductions and it is very helpful for the team. Jean will play as a healer and Furina as a buffer. The last one is a mono-hydro team consisting of Furina, Jean, Xingqiu and Kamisato Aayato