Genshin Impact Look Around Mingyun Village Guide

In this guide, you will get to know how to complete a quest called A Tree that Stands Alone in Mingyun Village in Genshin Impact. It will task you to explore the village. 

You need to go to the village’s location to start the quest, as shown on the map below. You will find an old man there who offers you the quest, and you need to accept it. 

After that, you will find the destroyed house, and on the top of that house, there is an orange floating. Get inside, and you will find a book.

And now you have to interact with the book. It leads to the next part, where you need to explore three to four places.

Head to this location as shown on the map, and you will find a mine. And a little creature will be dancing outside of the min. You have to kill it so that the rocks will be removed and the path will get cleared.

You have to go inside, and you will find a chest. You will see the piece of paper near the chest, and you need to take it and leave the cave.

Now go to the location near the village and find another mine, as shown in the image below.

After getting into the mine, you will see a piece of paper, so interact with it and leave. 

For the third one, you will need to go through the water. You can use a water astrologer mage, or you can go there swimming. 

When you reach there, you will find a chest on your right side and a piece of paper next to it. Now you need to interact with it and do the loot and get out from that mine. 

You need to go to the fourth and last spot, as you can see on the map below. 

After going to the location, you will find another mine. Go inside the mine. After going further, you will find an orbac and the final note that will reveal the treasure. 

After exiting the mine, you need to climb up the hill to lead you to the treasure. Once you get up there, you will face some treasure hoarders.

Beat them up and make your way to the tree out there. Interact with it, and you will get a chest. Now you need to open the chest to complete the quest.

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