Gunlance Combo Guide – MHRise

This guide is about Gunlance combos. Gunlance is a very high-skill cap weapon in MH Rise. 

It requires a lot of Muscle Memory to master. 

From Sheathe: Ls(Front)+X->(X+A)->A->A->ZB+A. You have to do this a lot as a beginner gun lance.

Again: Ls(Front)+X->(X+A)->A->A->ZB+A. 

Last time: Ls(Front)+X->(X+A)->A->A->ZB+A. You can perform this combo when unsheathed too.

Combo 2: X->ZR+A->X+A->A->A->ZR+A. This combo allows you to stay in position, which is greater for the preemptive pinpoint attacks.

Combo3: X->ZR+A->X+A->A->(X+A->ZR+A->X+A->A)*N. This is your full burst loop when the monster is down/open. It will Drain your sharpness very quickly.

Guard Edge is introduced in MHRise to make GL Play Fluid.

It grants Iframe and sharpness upon successful counters. It’s a Great Opener and should use to keep the sharpness high.

You Can do ZL+A+->A->A for a quick stake counter. It is one of the Essential GL Combo to Learn in Rise.

Next, we have WYVERN’S fire: ZR+X+A. It can be used as an opener along with puppet spiders.

In Addition, It can also be used for Sleep Bombing.

Hail Cutter introduced to Reduce CD of WYVERN fire.

You can use ZL+X->Land on ground->A for a Stylish burst. It automatically reloads your shells.

These are all the basics of Gunlance.

Now let’s look at advanced combos. From Sheathe: ZL+ZR(AIM)->B->ZR->ZR+A.

Last time: ZL+ZR(AIM)->B->ZR->ZR+A. This Combo is Gunlance’s quick gap closer. It’s a Trick to pull Off and Requires practice.


It Can be: ZL+ZR(AIM)->ZR->ZR+A, depending on the distance you want to travel.

It’s one of the few gap closers gun lance, so mastering it is really recommended.

Riding Version (Short): ZR->B->ZR->ZR+A.

Riding VErsion(Long): ZR->B->ZR->ZL->ZR->ZR+A.

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