Hidden Gems: Best Role Playing Games To Play

Role Playing Games is one of the most addictive Genre in games, the best RPGs can make you sit for hundreds of hours, but sadly sometimes it becomes difficult to select the best RPGs, as hundreds of Role Playing Games are released on daily basis, most of them are boring but some of them are really cool, as so many games are released so sometimes high quality games goes under the radar that deserve more attention that is why we have curated this list, these games will keep you busy for a long period of time.

Game NamePlatformPriceLink
Army of Goddess TapAndroidFree
Creature LandsAndroidFree
Traitors Empire Card RPGAndroidFree
Dungeon ScavengerAndroid$0.99
Dragon PetAndroidFree
RPG Agarest Senki ZERO Dawn of WarAndroid$13.99
Niara: Rebellion Of the King Visual Novel RPGAndroid$4.49
REWORLD : Idle RPGAndroidFree
Ayakashi SamuraiAndroidFree
Legacy of ElaedAndroid$1.99
School QuestAndroidFree
Nothing to DeclareAndroidFree
You are HopeAndroid$3.99
Mazes of KarradashAndroid$0.99
Survival RPG 2 – Temple ruins adventure retro 2dAndroidFree
Minimal Dungeon RPGAndroidFree
King Arthur: Magic SwordAndroidFree
Azedeem: Heroes of Past. Tactical turn-based RPG. (Early Access)AndroidFree
Durlindana – Fantasy Offline RPGAndroid$0.99
Soulbound RaidersAndroidFree
Post Brutal: Zombie Action RPGAndroidFree
Unknown KnightsAndroid$2.99

Army of Goddess Tap

Monster Titans come to our world want to destroy everything. You must lead the goddess army to defeat them.Just tap it! Tap and upgrade, to build your powerful army! Just Tap Titan Crush! Tap and upgrade your team to a powerful army of goddess!

Creature Lands

Creature Lands awaits you to travel through dangerous lands full of creatures. A 2D Action RPG experience for mobile.

Traitors Empire Card RPG

Journey through the story-driven fantasy campaign as you gain new heroes, level up and loot cards for your collection. Refine your tactics as you set up battleground defenses and attack other players to increase your rank and earn legendary treasures.


CLICKPOCALYPSE II is an incremental/idle RPG. Create a party to bravely explore terrible dungeons and mercilessly exterminate every monster in the world. Find items, go up levels, learn spells, upgrade abilities, and earn achievements.

Dungeon Scavenger

Turn-Based Dungeon Crawler Game: Old-school treasure hunting in a randomized dungeon. Take your time to make critical decisions and explore the depths.

Dragon Pet

On the snowy peaks of an ancient mountain you have found a magic dragon egg. All you have to do is to keep it at proper temperature, an it might hatch into a virtual baby pet with whom you can spend wonderful adventures by playing, training and taking care of your cute pet. Train a dragon and become creator of your own saga. Care for him and he will become your best, magic friend or simply ignore him and he will eventually run away, get sick or even die.


Starlost is a top-down space shooter, mixing tower defense, bullet hell, and classic RPG elements with gorgeous 3D graphics. Take control of Axel in an unforgettable epic story mode campaign.

RPG Agarest Senki ZERO Dawn of War

popular tactical simulation RPG “Agarest Senki ZERO Dawn of War” (Japanese version) is now available on Android! In the world of “Agarest Senki ZERO Dawn of War” Learn about the origins of the Age of Agarest War!

Niara: Rebellion Of the King Visual Novel RPG

Niara: Rebellion Of the King Visual Novel RPG is set in a world where gunpowder and magic goes hand in hand. The land is vast and is under control of kings. Kingdom of Kruuthvaal is under unrest as one of its port cities have been attacked by one of the mightiest nations in history, Udrela. Peace on the continent was maintained by the Ansark Alliance but it had lost much of its influence due to heavy corruption among kings. Blood of thousands of people is on Udrelean commander’s hands who ordered the attack. Kruuthvaal wants his head. The Alliance forbids it. What will happen when a surviving soldier(with a conscience and will to defeat the unbeaten army) finds his countrymen and loved ones being crushed in this political warfare resulting in their blood being spilled?


Easy and exciting play that can be played immediately. Grow fast and annihilate your enemies without unnecessary play. Save thousands of fascinating talkative hero characters from around the world. Join our team and grow. Heroes run hard even while the game is off.

Ayakashi Samurai

Long ago, Youkai existed in various places. A certain swordsman decided to escort the monk named Motoyama. It is said that the threat is approaching to Tanba. Is it possible for swordsmen to reach Tamba …? The swordsmen’s journey began.

Legacy of Elaed

Gather the heroes of Raelynn as they journey across Elaed in an attempt to end the wars that have plagued it for generations.

School Quest

Attend classes, raise your grades, make friends and join after-school activities to become the coolest kid in school!

Nothing to Declare

Work at the Freeport never ends. A continuous stream of trucks flow through the state of art fixed deep X-Ray head. Time is of the essence so make sure to compare the bill of lading document details like container identifiers, supplier names and the list of declared goods with the items you see in the container. You’ll be surprised with what some shippers have in store for you!

You are Hope

You are born either as a baby to one of the other players, or as a young woman if no suitable mother is found. Every minute of real time is one year in the game and your maximum age is 60 years. A single life is limited, but the things you make during your lifetime are left for your children and grandchildren once you are gone. Try to make life a little bit easier for those who come after you, so your family line will have a chance to prosper for generations to come.

Mazes of Karradash

The city of Karradash is under attack: the monsters of the Shadow Realms are emerging from the depths. No adventurer is strong enough to defeat the horde alone, but the whole people of Karradash is ready to fight.


With Jason Morningstar’s tabletop game Fiasco, players tell the story of people whose ambitions exceed their common sense. Light on rules and heavy on disastrous fun, Fiasco can be played with some six sided dice, 3-5 friends, one book, and the playset of your choice.

Survival RPG 2 – Temple ruins adventure retro 2d

Survival RPG 2: The temple ruins is the sequel of the first retro game : Survival RPG – The lost treasure. It is a free 2d classic rpg retro game (role playing games). It is a survival and exploration RPG adventure game that combines quests, mine, craft in a 2d fantasy retro style pixel art universe.

Minimal Dungeon RPG

You’re about to experience the essence of your favorite RPGs presented in a simplified, minimalist way perfect for mobile play. Quests, monsters, NPCs, treasure chests and plenty of surprises await! Explore dungeons, loot anything not nailed down and do some gathering and fishing, right before taking down a nightmarish boss. If you dare.


Amount of time spent in the game is irrelevant, its all about how well you use your dragons replenished points ( turn based ) to become stronger. this means that with some strategy and tactical ability, you can become number one AND keep your job.

King Arthur: Magic Sword

Everyone knows the story about King Arthur and his legendary sword, Excalibur. Now it’s your turn! Can you pull the magic sword from the stone? Let´s try it!

Azedeem: Heroes of Past. Tactical turn-based RPG. (Early Access)

Collect all of unique and epic heroes to build up a trully mighty army. Use them in battle depending on their classes and roles. Warriors, healed by priests and supported by mages protect your army, while assasins and archers do lots of damage.


Magic Story is a free fantasy rpg chat app and text adventure game, where YOU are the decision maker, you choose your own adventure (CYOA)! Free interactive fiction, gamebook adventures, fantasy storybook! Weekly new fantasy stories added! Kids books free for age 8 and up, choose your story! Kids books free for age 8 and up.

Durlindana – Fantasy Offline RPG

Durlindana is an old school, single player, classic offline RPG, set in a fantasy-medieval town with its surroundings. Like the old style classics of 80’s and 90’s, it’s hard to start but harder to stop playing 😉

Soulbound Raiders

The main goal in Soulbound Raiders is to go raiding and to defeat powerful bosses. As the difficulty of the bosses increases, you’ll get better rewards to improve your team even further!


You travel to Naroth, a green plateau located between the kingdoms of Vilden and Jarrad. On your quest for information about your father, you descend deeper and deeper into the abandoned mines to finally discover a threatening secret. Are you brave enough to face the danger?

Post Brutal: Zombie Action RPG

Post Brutal is a 3D action RPG experience that puts you at the centre of the zombie apocalypse. Enter the quarantine of City Zero and band together with other survivors struggling to survive in the aftermath of The Event, the cataclysm that drove over half the city’s population into a feral frenzy.

Unknown Knights

Discover new challenges, and steer the game’s Narrative as you venture to destroy the Dark Lord’s Tower. Your loyal company of Knights and Soldiers, the Unknown Knights, will stand by you every step of the journey.

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