Thousands of new games are released on monthly basis at Google play store, sometimes games with less marketing budget goes unnoticed, we have specifically targeted those games in this post, the games that we have selected are extremely addictive and they will keep you busy for rest of the year.

Game NamePlatformPriceLink
Riptale MobileAndroid$3.49
Hunter X – BeginAndroid$3.99
The LieAndroid$0.99
Natural Born SoldierAndroidFree
Horror KissAndroidFree
Captain Sabertooth Lama RamaAndroid$2.49
Dead Mines VRAndroid$1.99
TinyStory 2Android$1.99
Carpet BombingAndroidFree
Super Cookie Brick BreakerAndroidFree
Jumpy TreeAndroidFree
Galaxy SwarmAndroid$1.49
Sky Maze 3DAndroid$1.99
Shoot hungry zombieAndroidFree
Supermarket ChallengeAndroidFree
Ben 10 HeroesAndroidFree
Pill MazeAndroidFree
Hit (The Game)Android$0.99
Sea BattleAndroidFree
QUELMAN 2AndroidFree
Pinball SundaeAndroid$0.99

Riptale Mobile

Riptale is a challenging action platformer. You control Kumo, an old samurai, and you must fight dragons and other monsters with your sword. The game is all about fast action, dragons nad reflexes. The game is really fun and challenging when you master it!

Hunter X – Begin

Stylish action game using the sword. There are several combo skills. (You can see it as a tip in the game.) There are 3 types of special attack. Control yourself, kill zombies. The action takes place with the birth of the hero (Hunter X) and the story of catching the villain (Dr.Jod).

The Lie

In the dark night, clouds were covering the sky, The surroundings were quite silent, but terrifying. The boy was on a voyage, in the midst of sea, Suddenly a huge thunderstorm hit the sea beastly. The boy got stuck in between the sea, lost his sense, he was not able to flee. The waves were moving more briskly, led him to an island ultimately. When he woke up, the boat was wrecked badly, There was no way to go back and he was lonely. He decided to move and explore island completely, So that he could find something to return home safely.

Natural Born Soldier

NBS is a one-man-made game crafted with a lot of passion, it has features no other FPS has on the whole Android marketplace, like play One In The Chamber game mode or EVEN PUT YOUR FACE ON YOUR CHARACTER XD, imagine that playing in a private room with a bunch of friends XD!

Horror Kiss

The Horror Kiss house is a big house with many rooms, you need to find enough secret keys to escape. First, you can find one in the first room easily. Be careful, don’t wake the dogs up. you have only 7 days to escape.


Avoid guards, sneak, hide and grab the bag of cash. Get stealth experience in First Person robbery simulator!

Captain Sabertooth Lama Rama

Captain Sabertooth and the Treasure of Lama Rama is a new game in the fantastic universe of Captain Sabertooth. The Treasure of Lama Rama is the complete pirate adventure, including sailing, sea battles, sword fights, treasure hunts, obstacle courses and lots of exciting quests, representing a unique game experience for kids.


Run, jump and fly your way through 14 different themed worlds, with over 70 different enemies and 30 unique weapons and powerups. A classic platform game that brings back the fun and nostalgia of the DOS era!

Dead Mines VR

Nefarius plans are afoot in a top secret underground toxic waste reprocessing facility. What seems like an accident has turned the entire workforce into mindless, brain eating zomboids, hankering for a taste of your man sweetbreads. Shotgun ready your mission is to clear the mine and investigate the cause of the incident.


Clear 25 stages and defeat 5 bosses in the WVZ Scrolling Shooter action game!


Yukina Kudou looks like your normal high school student, but she has a huge secret. She was ordered by someone to be the girlfriend of Youji Kataoka. She doesn’t know why, nor what the true purpose behind it is. Everything begins from a mistake of the past and continues on as an eternal lie.


Embark on a dangerous journey to help Ayo fetch water for her family. Overcome challenges and enemies as you explore Sub-Saharan Africa – gaining skills, wisdom, and courage along the way. Experience Ayo’s harsh desert environment as she confronts her fears and braves the unforgiving drought in this adventure platformer.

TinyStory 2

In Tiny Story 2 Adventure Point and Click You need to rescue your imprisoned friends. Find out why they were taken to the Rhino Island and why King Rhino suddenly became strange. You will not believe your eyes …. you will never guess the end of your favorite saga! Colorful, unique and entertaining, you’ll want to explore this lovely adventure all the time.

Carpet Bombing

Fun bomber game! Fly an aircraft and engage enemies! Several types of enemies to combat: soldiers, tanks, helicopters, airplanes and more! Collect power-ups to boost your aircraft in game. Upgrade the aircraft between each level to increase its awesomeness!

Super Cookie Brick Breaker

When you break the bricks sweet pils falling from the skies giving you powers: large pad, super ball, rapid ball, extra life, magneto, multi-ball, slow ball or small ball. Be careful, some of these powers can complicate your round. And your life. Run away from them, if you can!

Jumpy Tree

Collect dozens of characters as you equip yourself for the death-defying move up the hungry tree. Whether you are a Ninja, Panda, Zombie or other game character, survival depends on how swiftly you can hop, jump, fall, dodge, leap – whatever it takes – to avoid being eaten. Climb as high as you can as fast as you can.


After a failed bank robbery, you are stuck in a shootout. Can you survive by touching and shaking your phone to the end?

Galaxy Swarm

Fly through waves of enemy ships, collecting power-ups to boost your ship. Tilt to steer, touch the screen to activate your shield. How many waves can you survive? No ads! No in app purchases – just retro-style arcade shoot’em-up action with stunning 3D graphics.

Sky Maze 3D

Dodge the traps, find your way and guide the ball to exit. Sky Maze 3D is a fun and challenging action game.

Shoot hungry zombie

Shoot hungry zombie relies on a bit of strategy and your acumen with playing the angles. Since the bullets ricochet, you must find the perfect angle and take out at least a couple of zombies per shot. Aiming your sights straight on just one zombie usually defeats the purpose, and with a varying amount of ammunition within each challenge, precision is pretty important. Once the zombies are exterminated, one to three stars will be given out based on the number of bullets used, and a certain number of score are needed to make it to the next level.

Supermarket Challenge

Challenge yourself and try to sustain at the supermarket cash register. Set a highscore and share it with your friends for a new challenge.

Ben 10 Heroes

Collect an arsenal of aliens and upgrade them, unlocking special powers abilities that can give you the edge in battle. Choose your team of three aliens and use their powers strategically to defeat your opponents in real-time battle!

Pill Maze

Since the 80s are not dead, here is a little game with a hungry yellow knob that eats pills. The pills are spread around in a mysterious maze that is haunted by four nasty ghosts.

Hit (The Game)

Take turns spinning the wheel and hitting your friends. It’s the only board game that brings the pain!

Sea Battle

Sea Battle: Battleship Division is old style game where you take control of battleship and with limited ammo fight against submarines coming your way. To defeat submarines, you will be able to use various weapons and powerups which will make your battleship true force on the sea.


QUELMAN PAC is a splendid game that It combines arcade action and ability to solve puzzles and riddles. To overcome the screens, the QUELMAN PAC must eat all the dots and avoid being caught by the ghosts and dodging danger zones.


In Gravity table direction of ball changes in upper part. Find out teleports that lead to upper layer or destroy blocking UFO’s to get there! Rolling planet in middle of the upper screen is your main target!

Pinball Sundae

Pinball Sundae is block-breaker game in which you use pinball flippers to hit your ball and break blocks. The game uses the accelerometer to move the flippers back and forth for aiming, and different flipper flavors can be switched in and out for unique gameplay effects. See which flavors suit your tastes!

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