Horse Ranch Gameplay Ideas To Try – The Sims 4

In this guide, you will find 18 horse ranch gameplay ideas to try in The Sims 4. You can follow these amazing ideas to make your gameplay more interesting.

1. Camp at Saddle Summit

Saddle Summit has a campfire and bathroom, making it a perfect camping site. You have to make your way to the Galloping Gulch area of Chestnut Ridge and head across the rocky ridge to find the campgrounds. You need to have a sleeping bag and enjoy the night toasting marshmallows.

2. Have a Pet Horse

It is recommended to have a pet horse in the game. Show your love for the horse and ride around to explore the world.

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3. Grass Cutting Riches

You have to enable the Wild Prairie Grass lot challenge or purchase the prairie grass for 5 simoleons. After that, start harvesting it using your tools and you may find precious aged nectar, crystals, or other collectibles. The grass will regrow again and you can keep harvesting it repeatedly.

4. Explore Dreadhorse Caverns

The Dread Horse cavern is located in the Galloping Gulch area of Chestnut Ridge, you have to head there and enter inside the cave. Completing different scenarios inside it to progress through the cave and get rewards. You may need some specific items to progress and you will be able to increase the cave level when the progress reaches 100.

5. Rescue Horse Trainer

You have to purchase a rescue horse for 250 simoleons by calling the ranch animal exchange from the home section of your phone or the Equestrian Center. After that, increase your horse’s value by training your horse and entering into a competition. You can sell the horse to earn some profit.

6. Competitive Horse Rider

Become a competitive horse rider and train your horses to compete in different competitions. You can enter a competition using a ranch community board or by going to the Equestrian Center in Chestnut Ridge. There are four competition categories; western pleasure, barrel racing, show jumping, and endurance racing.

You will earn simoleons after clearing every difficulty stage. Remember that a horse can only compete once each day. You must train your horse’s skills for the particular competitions to perform better and earn more Simoleons. You can earn 15 different trophies by winning the horse competitions.

7. Embrace The Cowpoke Dance

Turn on your radio and start dancing on the dance floor. Doing the cowpoke dance will train up the dancing skill of your sims if you have the get-together expansion pack.

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8. Horse Painter/Photographer

You have to bring out your camera start capturing your horse’s moments and turn them into an art piece. Your horses will make a pose for you to click a photo. You can sell these art pieces to earn some profit.

9. Mini Animal Farm

You need to buy mini sheep from the ranch animal exchange to set up your goat farm. Give your sheep lots of attention, clean, and feed them. You can obtain milk and wool from them which can be sold to earn some simoleons.

You can receive them as items if you have the cottage living expansion pack. The wool of a black mini sheep is worth 200 simoleons when the Sheep is happy. You can set up a Ranch Animal Day event to earn some simoleons and make your animals happy.

10. Horse Breeder

The newborn horses are worth around 1,000 simoleons. You can become a horse breeder and start breeding adult and elder male stallions with adult female mares. Become friends with a horse and encourage them to breed with another horse in the Friendly interactions.

If your horses agree, then the female mare will become pregnant and give birth to a little foal with one of the bonus traits. They will also receive the champion trait if their parents have one. It will increase the worth of the foal and also improve their skills.

11. Secret Swim

You have to make your way to a large open water source just behind the Big Sky ridge. Once you get there, just follow a long path down to reach it and enjoy a solo dip there. It will be surrounded by rocks and a flowing waterfall, which makes it look beautiful.

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12. Nectar Vineyard/Winery

You have to run a nectar Vineyard and grow different crops to produce nectars. You can grow strawberries, potatoes, apples, lemons, or any other fruit there. After that, use all these ingredients in a nectar maker to produce nectar.

You can store the nectar in the stackable nectar storage rack to let it age and increase its worth, then sell it for huge profits. You can also complete the Expert Nectar Maker Aspiration to obtain the Nectar know-it-all trait which you make your new nectars slightly aged.

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13. Liquor Store

If you have the Get-to-Work expansion pack, then you can set up your retail liquor store. Create a store and then age your nectar to sell it. If you age Vitality nectar, you can sell it for almost 30,000 simoleons. If you don’t have the Get-to-Work expansion pack, then you can sell the nectars on the market tables from the City Living or Eco Lifestyle expansion packs or the Jungle Adventure game pack.

14. Live Forever

If you have the Vitality nectar, you can drink it to decrease your sim’s age by a few days. Drinking it regularly will make your sim live forever. If a ghost sim drinks it, they will come back to life again.

15. Horse Manure Business

You will get horse manure in your inventory after cleaning up the poop of your horses. You can sell it to earn some simoleons or use it as a fertilizer. You can make it a good income source if you have a large number of horses.

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16. Community Jobs

Make your way to the Ranch community board and complete Community jobs. You will need to have a mini sheep, horse, or goat to complete these tasks. One of the tasks will ask you to train a neighbor’s horse. If you perform well in these tasks, you can make some extra pocket money.

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17. Ranch Gathering Event

You can start a Ranch Gathering Event, where you can make nectar, grill some food, and make and dance on the dancing floor. You will earn simoleons depending on how well it goes.

18. Run A Ranch

You will need to have a large open space to set up your ranch and then raise different animals there. You can also customize your ranch with different ranch signs and also and grow various crops in it.

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