How to Activate 1 UAV Tower in DMZ Warzone 2 (Find Towers)

This guide will tell you how to activate 1 UAV Tower in DMZ Warzone 2 (Find Towers).

First, boot up your game, and open the game map. You will find different towers on the map. If it’s a UAV tower, all you have to do is go up to it and then activate it.

Now if the tower is red, it’s an indication that someone already activated that tower and they have a constant UAV. They can see your location on the map, and they know you’re coming.

This is an enemy player so you will probably get killed by them. If you see the red Tower, you need to avoid that location and go to a different one on the map.

You will also find another tower in the Rohan Oil Field, indicating that no one has acquired that tower. Once you reach the tower location, go close to the tower and press Square to activate the tower. After that, type some keys on the keyboard and the tower will be activated.

Then you will get a sweeping UAV in your location, and you can see all these people are Bots. It will be solid red diamonds if they are actual players. So now you have completed the mission even if you die, you should probably still get the credit for it.